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Spotlight on Sectors

We are looking for science- and engineering-based inventions that address the world’s biggest problems and are seeking to add solutions to our portfolio in the following sectors. Developing an innovative solution that ties to one of these areas? Apply to the E-Team Program today!


Environmental and Ocean Health: Air and ocean pollution is rising and natural resources like water are becoming scarce in some parts of the world. We are seeking innovations that address these critical issues and more to improve the health of our planet and conserve natural resources. Examples of E-Teams in these sectors can be found here.

Clean Energy and Materials: Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced in order to mitigate climate change, with energy, industry, and transportation in the top 5 emitting sectors. We are seeking innovations that offer greener and improved alternative solutions in energy, materials, and manufacturing. Examples of E-Teams in these sectors can be found here.

Sustainable Agriculture: Agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and will be dramatically impacted by changes and the climate. Combined with a need to meet increased yield for a growing population, we are seeking innovations that can make agriculture more sustainable and productive while minimizing negative climate impacts. Examples of E-Teams in these sectors can be found here.

Affordable Medical Technologies: We are always interested in solutions that can improve patient outcomes while lowering the cost of healthcare, especially those responding to key trends such as the rising age of our population and individualized patient care. Here are examples of E-Teams we’ve funded with healthcare solutions.

We are always open to applications with novel science and engineering-based inventions solving any of the world’s biggest problems that have significant commercial potential. We encourage applicants to submit ideas in these areas AND others.

It’s the applicant’s job to make the case for innovation and impact in your proposal. View all E-Teams here.


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