Poster Session & Reception

Friday, March 23, 5:30 pm

Meet the innovators developing cutting-edge ideas in the innovation and entrepreneurship community. The OPEN 2018 poster session and reception provides a rare opportunity to have thoughtful, in-depth conversations with dozens of students and faculty about their projects. The session also allows presenters to gain valuable feedback on their idea, helping them fine tune their project.

Novel Approaches

A Mad Libs Approach for Bringing Entrepreneurial Thinking Into the Engineering Classroom
Lisa Bosman, Purdue University

Expand Your Program’s Innovation Ecosystem: A Focus on High Schools!
Charles Wood, University of Tulsa
Dallas Elleman, University of Tulsa

Igniting and Including Undergraduates in Graduate Entrepreneurial Programs
Kimberly King, University of California-San Diego
Lada Rasochova, University of California-San Diego

A Student-Run Entrepreneur Center. Yes. Inmates Running the Asylum
David Ochi, University of California-Irvine

Don’t Shoot the Messenger! You Might Miss the Message!
Hirak Parikh, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Decentralized Design and Prototyping Course
Chad Kennedy, Arizona State University at the Polytechnic Campus

“Innovation Crucible” – Physical and Virtual Collaborative Makerspace
Asish Ghosh, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

What Do Unicorns Cost?
Ken Krull, University of Utah
Robert Wuebker, University of Utah

Building I&E on Campus

Have We Made Progress? Women in STEM: Entrepreneurship Through I-Corps with CUNY
Jessica Fields, CUNY City College
Ariella Trotsenko, CUNY City College

When Neuroscience and Entrepreneurship Combine Forces – Two Classes, One Lab, Unlimited Potential
Rita Chesterton, Muhlenberg College
Patrick Williams, Muhlenberg College

Bring in the Entrepreneur!
Dan Suhr, Independent Platform LLC

Inside, Outside, Upside Down
Suzanne LePage, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

We’ve Done It, Failed, Thrived, and Learned! Developing An Entrepreneurship Mindset Through a Weekend Innovation Bootcamp
Jose Lugo,  University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
Mari Luz Zapata Ramos,  University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

Fostering Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Innovation Within a Liberal Arts Context
Cornelia Huellstrunk, Princeton University

Using a Consortium Model to Expand the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem on Campus
Kathy Rocha, University of Connecticut
Christine Meehan, University of Connecticut

The Unique Challenges of Design-Build-Deliver Courses
Stephen Sprigle, Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus

ICAT: Undergraduate Hipsters, Hackers, and Hustlers Break the Rules of Academic Engagement in a One-Semester Program for Learning and Executing Technical Entrepreneurship with Impact
Christopher Starr, College of Charleston

Teaching a Value Proposition Canvas to Demonstrate the Engineering Design Process and Enhance Entrepreneurship and Innovation on Campus
Rolfe Sassenfeld, New Mexico State University-Main Campus

Making Innovation on Campus Through a Series of Innovation Challenges
David Feinauer, Norwich University

Using Data to Improve Mentorship and Coaching of Campus Entrepreneurs
Cam Houser, 3 Day Startup

Can You Hear Me Now?! Facilitating Collaborations on and between Campuses towards Innovations in Education
Erica Lewis, James Madison University
Patrice Ludwig, James Madison University

Empowering Occupational Therapists through Design
Jeff Feng, University of Houston

Global I&E

Ideation and Inspiration: How Innovation Thrives in Global Health Settings
Valerie Zawicki, Johns Hopkins University
Megan Callanan, Johns Hopkins University

Global Tech Business – Global or Local Education For It?
Juha Saukkonen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences

The Sun Never Sets on Innovation
Rodney Boehm, Texas A & M University

INNOVATE ATLANTIC – A Regional Node Spurring Innovation in STEM
Mary Kilfoil, Dalhousie University

Innovator Experience

Empowering Student Innovators with Design Thinking
Levi Lowe, Wichita State University
Hannah Hund, Wichita State University

Intrapreneurship: Entrepreneurship at Work
Frank Koe, Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Innovating Innovation: Disrupting the Existing Playbooks
Iain Kerr, Montclair State University

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