2021 schedule


OPEN 2021 will feature a dynamic mix of leading-edge content on the most pressing topics in I&E education, like engaging and supporting underrepresented student innovators, growing your on-campus entrepreneurial ecosystem, overcoming the challenges of teaching during the pandemic, environmental and socially responsible innovation, proven practices for teaching I&E, and more! Explore the sessions, speakers, and special highlights that make OPEN the most innovative and engaging conference focused on science and tech I&E.



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Please note: Schedule and sessions are subject to change

session formats

OPEN Rapid Rounds
In this effective and engaging format, three presentations are grouped on a topical theme. For the first half of the session, each presenter shares a brief pre-recorded presentation while they engage in a lively Q&A with attendees via the chat. During the second half of the session, attendees choose which presenter(s) to join for breakout conversations; they may join one presenter in a breakout, or bounce in and out of breakout rooms to get some face time with all three presenters. OPEN Rapid Rounds are sure to engage, and you will leave with your questions answered and lots of great ideas you can apply on your campus.

OPEN Meetups
OPEN Meetups bring together like-minded people to collectively explore ideas, problem-solve, and learn from each other. Meetups offer attendees a chance to contemplate thought-provoking questions prompted by the presenter(s) and participate in a rich discussion on the topic moderated by a VentureWell facilitator.

OPEN Toolbox
OPEN Toolbox sessions are highly immersive and emphasize learning-by-doing. Presenters will dive into how attendees can apply the featured approach or tool(s) in their own class or program. Attendees to leave the session with a work product, tools, or approaches they can immediately put to good use, as well as new community connections.

Posters (90 minutes)
Posters enable presenters to share their projects with a wide range of interested colleagues during this dynamic session. Attendees can visit as many breakout rooms as time allows to view posters and ask questions of the presenter(s). Attendees will vote on their favorite posters, which will be awarded at the close of the session.

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