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Alex Bruton

Alex Bruton

The Innographer

Dr. Alex Bruton is on a mission to help anyone, anywhere (learn to) innovate. He’s the founder and president of The Innographer, a practical open education and innovation design firm that helps people become more creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. He’s been an inventor (of some pretty exciting stuff); the co-founder of startups (in both for profit and social contexts); the co-founder of an innovation department (that failed spectacularly); a project and product manager (amazingly fun); and, quite by accident, a tenured professor of innovation and entrepreneurship (a role in which he was named Top 40 Under 40 in his city and the Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year in Canada). He earned a Ph.D. in engineering in his mid twenties, and, over his career since that time earned a degree in marketing and innovation and has led the design of award winning learning and development experiences for boosting creativity, developing innovators, and unlocking the power of strategic ideation. Over the decades, his favorite work, speaking and facilitation gigs have taken him to exciting places such as the research labs of advanced technology groups; the ice floes of Greenland; and the offices of some pretty amazing organizations, including Google.