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Arup SenGupta

Arup SenGupta

Lehigh University

Arup K. SenGupta is P. C. Rossin Senior Professor of Environmental Engineering at Lehigh University. Dr. SenGupta’s award-winning research has expanded the field of ion exchange science and technology in solving critical environmental problems, and has led to the development of new classes of hybrid ion exchangers now used in water and wastewater treatment processes globally. He heads an international, interdisciplinary effort to develop and promote a sustainable treatment system that provides drinking water free of arsenic. He developed and helped commercialize the first polymer-based absorbent for arsenic in the U.S., providing arsenic-safe water to well over one million people in both developing and developed nations. SenGupta currently has seven U.S. patents. He is co- founder of Drinkwell, a social entrepreneurial startup. Dr. SenGupta’s innovations and collaborative work in developing nations have been recognized with a multiplicity of awards, including the National Academy of Engineering’s Grainger Silver Award the and the VentureWell Sustainability Award.