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Ian Cottingham

Ian Cottingham

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ian is the Associate Director of the Jeffrey S. Raikes School at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as well as an Assistant Professor of Practice of Software Engineering. In this capacity, he is responsible for academic operations, research and strategic partnerships for the Raikes School, and directs the operations of the 150-person development and industry outreach program, Design Studio, and oversees faculty research activities in the school. Ian has a rich interdisciplinary background in software design and engineering, software architecture, and innovation gained over 18 years developing software and leading teams in corporate, startup, and institutional research environments. He has served as Chief Software Architect for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UNL, President of Red Brain inc., President of OrangePeel Inc., and Development Lead in IBM Global Services. Ian’s areas of expertise include software architecture, application development, lean and agile methodologies, design thinking, knowledge management, and program analysis.