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Jona Repishti

Jona Repishti

International Development Innovation Network

Jona Repishti works for the International Development Innovation Network (IDIN), where supports a diverse, global network of 600+ innovators in 59 countries to design, develop, and disseminate technologies to improve the lives of people living in poverty. IDIN is a consortium of universities and partners led by D-Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and funded by the US Agency for International Development’s U.S. Global Development Lab. Prior to D-Lab, Jona worked for various United Nations agencies taking part in short projects in Haiti, Kenya, Kosovo, and China. She was also the founder of Mjaft! (Enough!) Foundation promoting youth civic engagement in her home country, Albania. Jona holds a BA in International Relations from Middlebury College and an MPA in Development Studies from Princeton University.