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Julie Beth Zimmerman

Julie Beth Zimmerman

Yale University

Professor Julie Zimmerman is an internationally recognized engineer whose work is focused on advancing innovations in sustainable technologies. Dr. Zimmerman is a professor at Yale University with joint appointments at the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Her pioneering work established the fundamental framework for her field with her seminal publications on the Twelve Principles of Green Engineering in 2003. The manifestation of this framework is taking place in her research group and includes breakthroughs on integrated biorefineries, designing safer nanosubstances, bio-based approaches to water purification, and analyses of the water-energy nexus. Dr. Zimmerman was formerly a program manager at the U.S. EPA where she established the national sustainable design competition (P3) which has engaged design teams from hundreds of universities across the U.S. Professor Zimmerman is the co-author of the textbook, Environmental Engineering: Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design that is used at leading universities.