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Magann Dykema

Magann Dykema

Michigan Technological University

Magann Dykema, originally from Norton Shores, Michigan, is a University Innovation Fellow from the Spring 2015 cohort. She is a second year student at Michigan Technological University. There, she is pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Water Resourcing. She is also a student in the Pavlis Honors College specifically the Pavlis Institute where she is pursuing a certificate in Global Technological Leadership. After going on multiple mission trips during her high school career, she has found that her passion is in helping people around the world. This is what led her to set a goal to work in relief and aid efforts after she graduates.

Magann is a strong believer in paying it forward. Because of this, she spent last summer working for Michigan Tech’s Summer Youth Programs because the programs she attended played a large role in her decision in school and major. Additionally, she spent time as an Orientation Team Leader (OTL) for the Fall 2015 semester paying it forward because the guidance from her OTL helped her make the transition to college easier and she wanted to help other students with this transition.

During her first year on campus, she got involved in a wide range of things on campus. She has had a lot of opportunities, and she has taken advantage of as many as possible. She participated in LeaderShape in January of 2015. She also got involved with the Memorial Union Board, a student programming board on campus, where she currently is the Special Events Committee Chair.

After a trip out to Silicon Valley with the two other University Innovation Fellows from Michigan Tech, they realized that there were more students on campus interested in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship but no one place that they can all come together. With her fellow UIFs, they have created a new student organization on campus called The Movement. The purpose of The Movement is to promote the innovative and entrepreneurial culture on campus by focusing on the design thinking process as well as creativity and soft prototyping through a makerspace, events, and resources.

At Michigan Tech, she has been working on spreading the culture of innovation by planning and facilitating creativity, design thinking, and innovation events on campus. This includes a #uifresh event that all first year students attended. Throughout the course of one day, approximately 1300 students from all majors had the chance to participate in a 30 minute hands-on design experience called “Chill Out with #uifresh”. Additionally, she is working with another fellow and the Michigan Tech Center for Science and Environmental Outreach to create and facilitate an after-school class for students in 3rd – 5th and 6th – 8th grades entitled “Discovering Your Creative Confidence and Inner Maker”. The 6-week class will give the students an introduction to design thinking through weekly hands-on activities.

When not hard at work between school, extracurriculars, and a job on campus, Magann can be found trying to relax. She can be found striking it up on the nearest lanes, enjoying a book while sitting at the nearest beach (when there is not snow on the ground), watching her favorite shows on Netflix, exploring the outdoors, cheering on the Detroit Tigers, or creating memories with friends and family.