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Marsha Wender Timmerman

Marsha Wender Timmerman

La Salle University

Ms Timmerman is currently a faculty member at La Salle University in their Integrated Science, Business and Technology Department. She joined La Salle fifteen years ago and has been instrumental in designing and developing this new major. She has designed and taught courses in biotechnology, business and technology, ethics and entrepreneurship. She has also been instrumental is starting and promoting the La Salle Center for Entrepreneurship. Prior to joining the La Salle faculty, she had more than 14 years experience with biotechnology start-up companies. She was a founding scientist with Enzymatics, Inc. a medical diagnostics company. After Enyzmatics, she co-founded JWT, Inc. a company that developed and manufactured LacTest, a lactic acid test kit for endurance athletes. In 1995 Ms Timmerman was named Working Woman Magazine Entrepreneurial Grant Award Winner. Ms Timmerman is a consultant to a number of small companies, assisting them in getting products from development to market.