pathways in innovation

get the support you need to build the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem on your campus

If you’re a champion of innovation and entrepreneurship education (i&e), you know how challenging it can be to get other faculty and administrators to share your vision and passion. Actually integrating i&e campus-wide takes years of careful planning and hard work.

The Pathways in Innovation initiative is designed to streamline that process. Pathways is a proven institutional change and faculty development initiative that helps universities infuse i&e into the fabric of the school.

How It Works


Pathways is a multi-year engagement that offers access to a vibrant network of great institutions doing great things. It begins with a campus assessment to identify gaps and strengths in your ecosystem. After identifying a campus team to lead the work, a two-year engagement and agile strategic planning process kicks off. Continuous mentoring and access to the vibrant, national Pathways community of practice ensure real steps are being taken to incorporate i&e on campus. Schools leave Pathways having founded new courses and programs, extra- and co-curricular projects, new policies, funding and partners, new spaces, and new positions.

Already a Pathways member?

Keep the momentum from your previous efforts going! If you sign up to be a member of the Pathways community, your institution will continue to have access to and engage with other Pathways institutions to further evolve and enhance your institution’s I&E ecosystem. Additionally, in-person and online meetups and topically focused workshops will add value. Click here to read about membership features and benefits.

The benefits of pathways

  1. Growth of your campus ecosystem: A facilitated process of planning and implementing change will help you produce concrete results.
  2. Increase in student exposure and engagement: In the first three years of Pathways, 21% more students were exposed to educational innovations and 9% more were engaged in educational innovations.
  3. Institutionalization of I&E: Pathways teams influence the strategic goals of their colleges, departments and institutions.
  4. Join a community of practice: You’ll gain access to a motivated and committed community of peers from other schools engaged in this work. You’ll receive guidance from advisors who have implemented significant change on their own campuses.

Here are the Pathways to Innovation charter member schools from the last cohort. Click the pins to read about their top achievements.



Pathways in Innovation was originally a program of the National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter), a five-year National Science Foundation grant directed by Stanford University and VentureWell.

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