Stage 2 E-Team grants


Clothing integrated with resistance bands that will increase muscle activation and energy expenditure during movement

Pisces Technologies

A new method to raise shrimp sustainably


Affordable, mobile breathing aid to provide respiratory support for premature infants in low-resource settings

Recon Therapeutics

A new drug delivery technology that will simplify drug reconstitution between a lyophilized drug and water at the point of care

Reduced Cost Heliostat

Low-cost heliostats for energy companies moving away from coal

Safe C Cesarean Section Assist Device

Safely and quickly disimpacts the fetal head during Cesarean section


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Siren Weather Analysis Application

A tool built to prevent weather-related accidents within the trucking industry by automatically alerting dispatchers of weather conditions

SolaPur LLC

A solar-powered water purification device


Detects post-operative complications for patients that have undergone surgeries in which arteries and veins are joined together


Enables architects to easily create low-cost, energy efficient buildings


A less invasive solution which mimics the therapeutic effects of surgery by preventing absorption of nutrients in the proximal gut and blocking key hormonal pathways, leading to diabetic remission

SubQ Assist

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ukweli Test Strips

Low-cost urinary tract infection diagnostic test strips


An innovative stent that employs a proximity sensing system to help surgeons more precisely localize and avoid the ureter during surgery

WAVVE Stream

Material product enhancements for industrial water filtration applications

Zero2One Diagnostics

Real-time, point-of-care, automated antibiotic susceptibility testing

ZYMtronics Catalytic Systems, Inc.

A cost-effective means of removing phenols from wastewater

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