resources for innovators

Customer Discovery

Pre-Planning Customer Discovery (Part 1)

Video with Steve Blank on the three components of customer discovery.

Pre-Planning Customer Discovery (Part 2)

Video with Steve Blank on the first stage of customer discovery, “Pre-Planning,” in greater depth.

Pre-Planning Customer Discovery (Part 3)

Video with Steve Blank on the first stage of customer discovery, “Pre-Planning,” in greater depth.


Kauffman Foundation’s One Million Cups

Website for the Kauffman Foundation’s One Million Cups.

Mentor Training

Video explaining the roles of mentors in the Lean LaunchPad curriculum with highlights of the tools and techniques they need to be effective.


Angel Capital Association: Knowledge Association

Website for the Angel Capital Association Knowledge Center, which includes research on the industry and their webinar archive that demystifies term sheets, angel investment portfolio strategy, cap tables, and more.

Are SBIR Grants Right for You?

Video highlighting the U.S. government’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

Global Health

A Hard Look at Global Health Measures

Science Magazine article highlighting the importance of proper Impact Measurement and its effect on achieving public health-oriented program goals.

Access: How Do Good Health Technologies Get to Poor People in Poor Countries?

E-book with comprehensive analytical framework for examining the intricacies of getting health technologies to end users in under-resourced countries. Includes global health case studies to explore the four A’s: Architecture, Availability, Affordability, and Adoption and explain why some health technologies achieved more access than others.

Achieving Appropriate Design and Widespread Use of Healthcare Technologies

Article about achieving appropriate design and widespread use of healthcare technologies in the developing world. Includes strategies for overcoming obstacles that impede the adaptation and diffusion of priority technologies for primary health care.

Business Fights Poverty

Website with a variety of resources on ways to drive corporate social innovation.

Calculating the Cost-Effectiveness of Brilliance

Article illustrating the use of the disability-adjusted life year (DALY) to calculate the cost effectiveness of Brilliance, a low-cost phototherapy device to treat neonatal jaundice.