resources for innovators

Business Models

4 Ways to Develop an Exit Strategy from Philanthropy

Video highlights four ways global health early-stage innovators can develop an exit strategy from philanthropy.

Are SBIR Grants Right For You?

Video explains the Small Business Innovation Research grants program.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Document that examines the sources of competitive advantage and explains the three stages of the Blue Earth Transcendent Innovation Model© Discovery.

Introduction to Strategy Mapping

Video outlining the strategy mapping process for early-stage innovators.

Kevin Starr: Lasting Impact

Video with Kevin Starr, Director of the Mulago Foundation, on how to achieve lasting impact.


Website for NextBillion, a community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGO managers, policy makers, academics and others exploring the connection between development and enterprise.

The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE)

Website for The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE). CASE prepares leaders and organizations with the business skills needed to achieve lasting social change.

Understanding a Global Health Value Chain

Video introduces the global health value chain concept.

What is a Value Proposition?

Video details the key components of a value proposition, and offers a case study of a successful real-life value proposition.

What is Context Analysis?

Video explains the context analysis concept.

Global Health

A Hard Look at Global Health Measures

Science Magazine article highlighting the importance of proper Impact Measurement and its effect on achieving public health-oriented program goals.

Access: How Do Good Health Technologies Get to Poor People in Poor Countries?

E-book with comprehensive analytical framework for examining the intricacies of getting health technologies to end users in under-resourced countries. Includes global health case studies to explore the four A’s: Architecture, Availability, Affordability, and Adoption and explain why some health technologies achieved more access than others.

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