We Gave Over $200k to Our Latest Cohort of Student E-Teams

Student Grant Program

We awarded 21 student teams over $200k in our summer 2016 cycle of the E-Team Student Grant Program. This summer’s awardees have products ranging from a device that degrades pesticides to a new diagnostic tool that will help save lives affected by sepsis to a device that uses magnetic technology to clean up oceanic oil spills.

Teams have the opportunity to move through three stages of the program, which offer them experiential workshops, veteran coaching, and investment training.

This round of E-Teams are in the beginning and middle stages of the program. 12 teams are beginning Stage 1 and will receive $5,000 to help develop their product and to attend a three day workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts later this month. Nine teams are advancing from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and will receive $20,000 to help further develop their product, as well as attend a workshop in Cambridge next month.

About E-Team Student Grant Program

The E-Team Student Grant Program targets students with an idea or invention that could potentially solve a real world social need. Over the past 20 years, more than 500 teams have been funded through VentureWell in order to help them move their idea out of the classroom and lab and into the marketplace. Learn more about our E-Team program here.

View this summer’s Stage 1 and Stage 2 E-Teams!


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