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Academic Maker Spaces 101: How to Successfully Get from Concept to Steady-State

Maker spaces are popping up on campuses everywhere. If you’re early in the process of setting one up, or contemplating expanding your maker space presence, join us on Sunday, one day after the main VentureWell conference, for this workshop. We’ll give you the nitty-gritty details you need, including floor plans, machines, safety, staffing, funding and growing a maker space culture on your campus.

Presenters for the workshop are Marty Culpepper (MIT maker space czar) and Craig Forest (founder of GA Tech Invention Studio). They will share best practices and insights from their forthcoming report and book.

The objectives of the workshop are to (1) cover the most common questions surrounding the ‘how to’ of creating maker spaces, (2) review the ‘dos and don’ts’ of academic maker spaces, (3) discuss different models for maker spaces and the issues they address, (4) examine example models for staffing, management and planning, and (5) discuss how to create safe spaces while expanding student access and fostering community and student ownership. The concepts and ideas discussed in this workshop are complemented by many examples from existing successful maker spaces, most of which come through the Academic Maker Space Working Group.


There is a fee of $199 to attend this workshop in addition to your regular conference registration fee. If you would like to register for this event, check off “ACADEMIC MAKER SPACES 101” in the “Item Selection” page of the registration screen. To begin registering, head here.


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