Startups Prepare for Investment and Strategic Partnerships with ASPIRE

ASPIRE is a five-week intensive program that prepares startups for the investments and partnerships necessary to launch their venture.  Mentors-in-residence work one-on-one with startups to simulate due diligence conversations and integrate feedback into deal room materials in real-time.

Spend one-on-one time with investors
You will work with high-caliber mentors throughout the program that have experience investing or partnering with startups like yours.

Vet your fundraising strategy
Startups will leave with a clear articulation of their investment needs, including the investment ask and planned milestones for the round. Take part in a mock board meeting to prepare yourself for fundraising and investor conversations.

Due Diligence Deal Room
Spend time creating and refining deal room materials to use during the fundraising process. Invest your time and energy into work product for a deal room discussion, not a demo day pitch.

Stress-test your startup
Work through real-world disaster scenarios with your team to discover how to best prepare for the unexpected.

Collaborate and network
Connect with fellow founders and leverage the VentureWell investor network after the program ends.

Meet the ASPIRE Medtech 2022 Investor-Mentor Team


Brittni Abiolu headshot

Brittni Abiolu*
Founder and Managing Director, VentureHue



Elaine Bolle*
Angel Investor, RTP Capital

Greg Campbell*
CEO, Rainmaker Inc.


Patrick Hennessey headshot


Patrick Hennessey, M.D.*
Angel Investor, The Keiretsu Forum Midwest

Brittni Abiolu headshot


Marianne Hudson*
Founder and Executive Director Emeritus, Angel Capital Association

Keith Jennings headshot


Keith Jennings*
Angel Investor and Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI



Deborah Livneh*
Executive Director and Former Medtech Startup Founder, Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network

David Morin headshot


David Morin*
Founder and Managing Member, Care Technology Advisors

Dr. Eddie Patton*
General Partner, Prosalus Capital Partners


Dr. Jonathan Seltzer*
Angel Investor, NuFund Venture Group


DeWayne R. Williams headshot


DeWayne R. Williams*
Angel Investor, Commune Angels



Does your startup qualify?

For each cohort, VentureWell selects 10-15 dedicated science and engineering-based startups from across the nation that are launching high-impact inventions. Startups must be committed and competitive!

  • Team identified and startup formed. First-time founders with management team and key roles identified—no one-person teams. Incorporated as a legal entity by the beginning of the program.
  • High-impact inventions. Innovation has a clear positive impact, solves a real problem felt by customers, and has a compelling value proposition.
  • Early market validation.Validated customer segments and initial evidence of product-market fit. Articulation of economic value proposition and evidence of customer buy-in.
  • Intellectual property. Provisional patent(s) filed and assigned to the company or evidence of a clear pathway to the license.
  • Beyond proof of concept. Initial prototype developed and pilot studies/field trials underway.
  • Actively fundraising. Company has raised at least $25K (grants or equity) and is preparing for a round of equity investment within 12 months.

Impact numbers

  • 139 startups have participated in ASPIRE since 2015
  • These teams have raised over $268M in follow-on funding since taking part in ASPIRE
  • 137 businesses have been catalyzed as a result of ASPIRE
  • Our startups have a 78% venture persistence rate

Questions? Please contact Tricia Compas-Markman, Senior Program Officer.

The Fall 2022 ASPIRE Medtech program is offered in partnershipwith our generous sponsors, Techtown Detroit, MedHealth, Cooley LLP, and The Lemelson Foundation and in2being LLC.


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