Our Membership is a large and vibrant network of academic institutions, organizations, and individuals committed to supporting science & technology innovators and entrepreneurs.

VentureWell is on a mission to cultivate a pipeline of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges and create lasting impact. Through collaborating, learning, and sharing of best practices, the VentureWell Membership network strengthens the overall I&E ecosystem and better enables innovators to create real social and environmental impact through invention.

In this extraordinary year with so many unprecedented challenges, we understand that institutional budgets are tight, especially for under-resourced colleges and universities. We believe that seeking support for your valuable and critical work should not be another hurdle, and we are committed to broadening participation and advancing equitable opportunities for applicants. That’s why we’re offering VentureWell Membership this year at no cost to you or your institution.

Through the next year, we are waiving all Membership fees for both new and returning members. Institutions that obtain membership between September 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 will receive all of the benefits of membership for 12 months—including the ability to apply for VentureWell funding, discounts on event registration, and access to the VentureWell network—with no membership fee.

In return, we ask you to affirm your commitment to supporting and empowering science and technology innovators and entrepreneurs on your campus to create positive change through invention. Members are asked to share both the news of this commitment and your institution’s VentureWell membership with colleagues who share your dedication to advancing I&E across campus. We believe that the powerful but simple action of sharing networking, funding, and training opportunities with others will bolster the I&E ecosystem on your campus and help both faculty and innovators bring more impactful solutions to the world.

Member Perks

University Grants & Funding

Those belonging to member institutions are eligible to apply for grants and funding!
Students can apply for E-Team Program grants of up to $25k, given to student teams looking to commercialize new technologies.
Faculty can apply for Faculty grants of up to $30k, given to faculty to integrate entrepreneurial skills into curricula.

Networking & Collaboration

VentureWell fosters a growing network of individuals and institutions interested in moving the field forward and strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Access a complete directory and connect with a community of like-minded members on our membership portal, coming soon!

Discounts & Recognition

VentureWell Members receive global prestige and recognition through our programs and initiatives.
VentureWell Members also receive a substantial discount on the registration fee for OPEN. Check out the OPEN website for more information.

Tools & Resources

Our Membership Portal features a wealth of information, providing educators, inventors, and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed.
From innovator trainings to program case studies, members are able to share and learn emerging best practices in the rapidly evolving field of entrepreneurship education.

Membership Levels

College or University – Special Rate ($0/year)

The College or University-level membership level allows all members of an academic institution to receive member benefits. Institution Memberships are ideal for colleges or universities that are committed to supporting and empowering science and technology innovators to create positive impact through invention, including those seeking to expand the teaching of applied innovation on their campus or research institutions with active technology transfer programs.
US only. Special rate is valid for one-time 12-month period for members who join or renew between September 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Renewals after this 12-month period will be at standard cost. Faculty members or administrators must serve as the primary applicant when signing up for membership.


College or University ($999/year) Optional fee

We recognize that some academic institutions may have the desire and ability to back the work of VentureWell, and the faculty and student innovators we support, by paying the standard membership fee. If you are renewing a long-standing membership, please consider this option.
US only. Billed annually. Faculty members or administrators must serve as the primary applicant when signing up for membership.



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Questions? Read the membership FAQ.

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