American-Made Solar Prize Round 8

We’re supporting competitors in the American-Made Solar Prize Round 8, a competition designed to energize U.S. solar innovation through a series of contests that accelerate the entrepreneurial process from years to months.

With the recent launch of Round 8, the competition is now seeking innovators, entrepreneurs, and those with an idea to revolutionize the solar industry. That could be you!

If you have an innovative solar solution, we invite you to compete in the Ready! contest, where you can win $50K by identifying an impactful idea or solution addressing a critical need in the solar industry. Twenty winners will be awarded $50K as participants compete for progressively larger prizes, including an optional justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion–focused (JEDI) prize that rewards efforts to lower barriers to solar adoption in underserved communities.

Contest Phases

American-Made Solar Prize Round 7 infographic: READY! Make a Plan, ~4 months, 20 Semifinalists, $50,000 cash prize, JEDI Contest*, Power Up Contest** SET! Design a Proof of Concept, ~4 months, 10 Finalists, $100,000 cash prize • $75,000 voucher, JEDI Contest* GO! Develop a Prototype and Identify a Pilot Partner, ~4 months, 2 Winners, $500,000 cash prize • $75,000 voucher, JEDI Contest* * Participation is optional and does not guarantee a prize ** Awarded to select non-winners

Ready!: Identify impactful solar innovations.

  • Duration: ~4 months
  • Prizes: 20 semifinalists, $50,000 each, JEDI Contest*, Power Up Contest**

Set!: Develop proof-of-concept solutions.

  • Duration: ~4 months
  • Prizes: 10 finalists, $100,000 cash, $75,000 vouchers each, JEDI Contest*

Go!: Prototype development and pilot testing.

  • Duration: ~4 months
  • Prizes: 2 winners, $500,000 cash, $75,000 vouchers each, JEDI Contest*

*Participation in the JEDI Contest is optional and does not guarantee a prize.

**The Power Up Contest prize is awarded to select non-winners of the Ready! Contest.

JEDI Contest: Creating Space for Change

The Solar Prize Round 8 includes an optional additional challenge that focuses on advancing solar in underserved communities. Participants who choose to incorporate this initiative into their solutions have the chance to be considered for a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Contest and earn part of the $200,000 bonus cash prize!

Power Up Your Idea

This contest is designed to support and advance new and diverse teams that have compelling applications but aren’t selected to advance to the Set! Contest. Up to 10 teams may be selected to split a $100,000 prize pool and receive tailored business support.

If you have an idea with the potential to solve a critical challenge in the solar industry and are looking for support to make it happen in the next three to five years, consider applying to the Solar Prize. Since its launch in early 2018, the Solar Prize has funded 140 startup teams with more than $18 million in cash prizes.

Read the rules for full details on each contest.

Anyone interested in competing in Round 8 is encouraged to follow the prize on HeroX to stay in the know about upcoming dates and deadlines!


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