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August 2019

8/12/19 | Grantee & Alumni news
Meet our Summer 2019 Sustainability Grantees! Read more here.

July 2019

7/9/19 |
Meet our Summer 2019 E-Team grantees! Read more here.

7/2/19 | Grantee & Alumni news
Read the Q2 Startup Roundup! Find out what’s new with our early-stage innovator teams.

June 2019

6/20/19 | VentureWell news
VentureWell Receives 2019 Deshpande Symposium Founder’s Award for outstanding work in furthering the field of innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) in higher education. Read more.

6/12/19 |
Congratulations to the 2019 BMEidea Competition winners! Read more.

May 2019

5/22/19 | Innovation Network news, VentureWell news
VentureWell publishes the Venture Development Framework Learn more.

April 2019

4/29/19 | VentureWell news
VentureWell Mission 2025 initiative aims to identify and address challenges and opportunities in I&E education over next 5 years. Learn more about our Mission 2025 initiative.

4/19/19 | Grantee & Alumni news
Read the Q1 Startup Roundup! Find out what’s new with VentureWell's early-stage innovator teams.

4/11/19 | Grantee & Alumni news
Meet our Spring 2019 E-Team grantees! Read more here.

4/4/19 |
Hazel Technologies Receives VentureWell Sustainable Practice Impact Award. Read more.

March 2019

3/31/19 |
Burnflex wins OPEN Minds Showcase at OPEN 2019 Read more here.

3/7/19 |
Meet the March 2019 Medtech ASPIRE startups! Read more here.

January 2019

1/29/19 | Grantee & Alumni news
Meet our 2018 Fall faculty grantees! Read more here.

December 2018

12/11/18 |
Meet our 2019 Winter E-Team grantees! Read more here.

November 2018

11/19/18 |
Many VentureWell program participants were featured in the 2019 edition of the Forbes' 30 Under 30 List. Meet the List Makers.

October 2018

10/23/18 |
VentureWell Welcomes Newest ASPIRE Cohort. Meet the startups.

10/11/18 |
Read the September 2018 Startup Roundup! Find out what’s new with VentureWell's early-stage innovator teams.

September 2018

9/14/18 |
Read the August 2018 Startup Roundup! Find out what’s new with VentureWell's early-stage innovator teams.

August 2018

8/24/18 |
NIH and VentureWell announce winners of the 2018 DEBUT Design Challenge. Learn more about the winning teams.

8/15/18 | Grantee & Alumni news, VentureWell news
Our 2018 Faculty Grantees received tailored training and resources to build sustainability principles into their courses and programs. Read more here.

8/10/18 | Grantee & Alumni news
Several teams and individuals in the VentureWell community recently received the USPTO Patents for Humanity Award. Read more here.

8/3/18 |
Read the July 2018 Startup Roundup! Find out what’s new with VentureWell's early-stage innovator teams.

July 2018

7/18/18 |
We’re excited to announce our latest Faculty Grant awardees! Meet the grantees!

7/11/18 |
The Summer 2018 student E-Team cohorts received $200K. Meet the grantees!

7/6/18 |
Read the Startup Roundup June 2018 edition! Read more.

June 2018

6/13/18 |
Congratulations to the 2018 BMEidea Competition winners! Read more here.

May 2018

5/31/18 |
Read the second installment of our new series, the VentureWell Startup Roundup! Read more.

5/11/18 |
Introducing our new series, the VentureWell Startup Roundup! Read the April 2018 highlights.

March 2018

3/30/18 | Grantee & Alumni news
Teams Illumi-Nite and Edu-LIGHTER win VentureWell OPEN Minds Showcase. Read more here.

3/29/18 | Grantee & Alumni news
Spring 2018 student E-Team cohorts receive over $185K for new ventures. Read more here.

3/24/18 | Grantee & Alumni news
Professor Kiersten Muenchinger and the University of Oregon Win Sustainable Practice Impact Award. Read more here.

February 2018

2/12/18 |
VentureWell Welcomes the Latest ASPIRE Cohort. Read more here.

January 2018

1/22/18 |
We’re excited to kick off the new year by announcing our 2018 Faculty Grant awardees!  Read more here.

1/8/18 | Grantee & Alumni news
VentureWell lost a member of the E-Team family when Luke Neese, founder of Acoustic Shield Security, passed away on December 27. Read more about Luke here.

December 2017

12/4/17 |
Winter 2018 student E-Team cohorts receive over $200K for new ventures. Read more here.

August 2017

8/25/17 | Partner news
NIH and VentureWell announce winners of undergraduate biomedical engineering design challenge. Read more here.

8/16/17 |
Faculty grantee workshops at VentureWell. Read more here.

July 2017

7/14/17 | Grantee & Alumni news
Meet our Spring 2017 faculty grantees. Read more here.

7/7/17 |
VentureWell lost a cherished colleague and friend. Angela Shartrand passed away after a long battle with cancer. Read more about Angela here.

June 2017

6/27/17 |
Summer 2017 student E-Team cohorts receive $240K for new ventures. Read more here.

6/14/17 |
VentureWell announces winners of the 2017 BMEidea competition. Read more here.

6/9/17 |
VentureWell announces latest ASPIRE cohort. Read more here.

April 2017

4/19/17 |
E-Team MITO Material Solutions receives more than $90k at Rice Business Plan Competition. Read more here.

March 2017

3/30/17 |
FogKicker wins VentureWell’s Open Minds showcase for developing a biodegradable, non-toxic anti-fog solution. Read more here.

3/25/17 |
SiNode Systems Wins Sustainable Practice Impact Award. Read more here.

3/22/17 | VentureWell news
Spring 2017 student E-Team cohorts receive $185K for new ventures. Read more here.

3/22/17 | VentureWell news
VentureWell Open Conference Bolsters Next Generation of Entrepreneurs. Read more here.

3/7/17 | VentureWell news
VentureWell invests in E-Team Hazel Technologies as part of $800k seed round. Read more here.

February 2017

2/27/17 | VentureWell news
VentureWell invests in E-Team Kinnos as it raises $1M seed round to support innovation and growth. Read more here.

January 2017

1/23/17 | VentureWell news
Meet our 2017 faculty grantees. Read more here.

1/4/17 | Grantee & Alumni news
VentureWell-supported Leaders Make Forbes 30 Under 30. Read more here.

December 2016

12/9/16 | VentureWell news
VentureWell announces its latest round of E-Team Program grantees. Read more here.

October 2016

10/5/16 | VentureWell news
VentureWell and Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Partner to Accelerate Cleantech Startups. Read more here.

September 2016

9/14/16 | VentureWell news
PBS Newshour features VentureWell and young inventors. Read more here.

August 2016

8/23/16 | VentureWell news
NIH and VentureWell announce the winners of the inaugural DEBUT competition. Read more here.

June 2016

6/9/16 | Grantee & Alumni news
VentureWell and the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center complete first of two workshops designed to prepare health/medtech teams for investment Read more here.

April 2016

4/29/16 | Partner news
GIST Boot Camp South Africa winners featured in Forbes Read more here.

4/22/16 | Grantee & Alumni news
E-Team Pumani debuts its bCPAP device in South Africa Read more here.

4/13/16 | Grantee & Alumni news
E-Team Kinnos wins Lemelson-MIT Student Prize Read more here.

4/8/16 | VentureWell news
Phil Weilerstein and Nathalie Duval-Couetil raising awareness of the needs of student inventors in latest Academy of Inventors journal Read more here.

March 2016

3/22/16 | Grantee & Alumni news
Former E-Team Greenlight Planet shortlisted for India's 'Green Oscars' Read more here.

3/1/16 | VentureWell news
VentureWell's 20th Annual Conference Honors Student Innovators Read more here.

February 2016

2/29/16 | Grantee & Alumni news
IKEA to Use Mushroom Packaging Made by Former E-Team Ecovative Read more here.

2/25/16 | Grantee & Alumni news
Former E-Team Greenlight Planet raises $5M in funding Read more here.

2/17/16 | Grantee & Alumni news
Former E-Team Sanivation chosen as one of Fast Company's most innovative companies Read more here.

2/12/16 | VentureWell news
Student teams chosen for 20th anniversary conference showcase Read more here.

2/4/16 | Grantee & Alumni news
Badger Loop team from UW-Madison places third in SpaceX Hyperloop competition Read more here.

January 2016

1/12/16 | Partner news
GIST Network competition for science & tech startups launches Read more here.

November 2015

11/24/15 | VentureWell news
VentureWell receives Kauffman Foundation grant Read more here.

11/23/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Grant from VentureWell will enable Northwestern's Master of Science in Law program to expand its Entrepreneurship Lab Read more here.

11/3/15 | VentureWell news
VentureWell's CEO has chapter in new book on STEM careers in social innovation Read more here.

October 2015

10/28/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Former E-Team Sisu Global Health wins Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels 1st Pitch Life Science competition Read more here.

10/26/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
E-Team Fluid-Screen wins Cleantech Open Northeast competition Read more here.

10/2/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
I-Corps grantee Neon Labs in Wall Street Journal for new photo-selecting software Read more here.

10/1/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Missouri S&T receives VentureWell grant to grow entrepreneurial programs Read more here.

10/1/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Texas Tech faculty awarded VentureWell grant Read more here.

September 2015

9/17/15 | Grantee & Alumni news, VentureWell news
Congratulations to our newest E-Team and Faculty Grant recipients Read more here.

9/11/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Former E-Team Sanivation opens one of world’s first human waste processing and charcoal production sites Read more here.

9/3/15 | Partner news, VentureWell news
20 Schools take part in University Innovation Fellows' unique student orientation initiative Read more here.

August 2015

8/19/15 |
Former E-Team Sintact Medical Systems receives NSF SBIR grant plus additional matching funds Read more here.

July 2015

7/8/15 | Innovation Network news
BIG Pitch Collegiate Innovation Solutions Competition Offers $10K Grants to Student Innovators Read more here.

7/1/15 | Partner news, VentureWell news
VentureWell partnering with Spark Clean Energy to Run U.S. Dept. of Energy’s National Cleantech University Prize Program Read more here.

June 2015

6/24/15 | Partner news, VentureWell news
Pathways to Innovation Program announces 2016 Call for Proposals Read more here.

6/24/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Former E-Team HM Solution wins $40K MassCEC Clean Tech Award Read more here.

6/18/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
E-Team alumni Sproxil Selected for the Social Innovation in Health Initiative Program Read more here.

6/12/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
I-Corps™ team Cyrus Biotechnology licenses its Rosetta software Read more here.

6/10/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Congratulations to the 2015 BMEidea biomedical device competition winners Read more here.

May 2015

5/21/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Three Venture Well E-Teams--Dock Technologies, Iron Goat, and Recon Therapeutics--accepted as Finalists for the MassChallenge Boston 2015 accelerator.

5/6/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
E-Team alumni Sproxil Awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Leadership Award Read more here.

April 2015

4/16/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Stage 2 E-Team Afthon creates more efficient generator, solves power shortages in remote areas Read more here.

4/2/15 | Partner news, VentureWell news
Apply by May 11 for University Innovation Fellows Program Read more here.

March 2015

3/31/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
University Innovation Fellows launch #uifresh campaign to attract and retain first-year students to STEM majors Read more here.

3/19/15 | VentureWell news
Student inventors and entrepreneurs push the boundaries of science and technology to make our world healthier, greener. Media invited to private Open Minds showcase in Washington, D.C.Read more here.

3/18/15 | VentureWell news
Network That Turns Students Inventors into Entrepreneurs Convenes in Washington, D.C. This Week. Read more.

3/18/15 | VentureWell news
The Venture List: 2014 – 2015 News and Newsmakers. Find out more.

3/16/15 | VentureWell news
Media Invited to VentureWell’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network Event, Open 2015. Find out more

February 2015

2/25/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
I-Corps alum & current E-Team Elegus Technologies featured in Bloomberg Business for making a safer battery using kevlar

2/24/15 | Grantee & Alumni news
Congrats to E-Team Fluid-Screen for being chosen as one of four winners of the 1776 Challenge Cup in Boston!

January 2015

1/22/15 | VentureWell news
VentureWell President Phil Weilerstein quoted in Fast Company article on students fighting to claim IP revenue from undergrad startups

1/16/15 | Innovation Network news
25 U.S. Institutions Selected for Pathways to Innovation Program by NSF-Funded Epicenter

December 2014

12/12/14 | Innovation Network news
Steve Blank Challenges Federal Government to Learn Entrepreneurship” article in Forbes on NSF and NIH I-Corps programs.

November 2014

11/24/14 | VentureWell news
VentureWell’s Open Conference registration goes live.

11/20/14 | Partner news
Epicenter PI Sheri Sheppard, professor of mechanical engineering at Stanford, named U.S. Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

11/20/14 | VentureWell news
VentureWell partners with State Department global mentoring network for MENA, Asia regions.

11/11/14 | Innovation Network news
Building a United States of Innovators” article on the NSF I-Corps National Innovation Network in the Center for Innovation Management Studies newsletter.

October 2014

10/31/14 | Grantee & Alumni news
Selling and trading groundwater rights is no longer a complicated exercise thanks to Mammoth Trading’s innovative approach, based on NSF-funded research.

10/30/14 | Grantee & Alumni news
Three VentureWell E-Teams won MassChallenge Awards. Disease Diagnostic Group and DrinkWell each won $100K. Fluid-Screen won $50K.

10/8/14 | Partner news
Village Capital will host a happy hour on October 16 in Louisville, KY, featuring 12 of the country’s most promising agricultural entrepreneurs. Join them if you are in the area.

10/3/14 | Grantee & Alumni news
VentureWell grantee Sanergy beat applicants from 93 countries to share top position in the 2014 Nestle Prize in Creating Shared Value competition.

September 2014

9/30/14 | Grantee & Alumni news
The September issue of The Innovator, VentureWell’s alumni newsletter, is released. Featuring Dara O’Rourke of GoodGuide.

9/19/14 | Grantee & Alumni news
Harvard faculty member Conor Walsh unveils the Soft Robot Toolkit, funded in part by VentureWell.

9/19/14 | Partner news
The National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter) opened the application process for its University Innovation Fellows program for U.S. college and university students. The application deadline is October 31, 2014.

9/13/14 | Partner news
GIST I-Tech Business Competition Heating Up! The 67 semi-finalists are entrepreneurs representing 34 countries across Africa, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.

9/9/14 | Innovation Network news
The Lemelson-MIT Program awards prestigious prize and $500k to Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia, biomedical engineer and professor, for designing and commercializing miniaturized technologies with applications to improve human health.

9/6/14 | Grantee & Alumni news
PharmaChk receives $2m grant to speed commercialization of its portable screening device that detects fake and substandard medicines.

9/3/14 | Grantee & Alumni news
Sanergy cofounders Vallabhaneni and Lindsay Stradley, husband and wife, win the 2014 Grinnell Prize — a $100,000 award honoring young innovators in social justice.

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