Meet the Fall 2023 VentureWell Aspire Medtech Cohort

Aspire Medtech 2023; photos of medical technology

We are excited to announce the 17 seed-stage startups chosen for the Fall 2023 cohort of our Aspire Medtech investor-engagement program. Part of our largest cohort yet, these companies were selected for innovations that demonstrate a clear positive impact, a compelling value proposition, and a solution to a problem currently facing customers. The startups will explore five weeks of customized training and work closely with investor-mentors to dig deep into the due diligence process. By the end of the program, participants will build out their deal room materials and develop a viable fundraising plan.

Aspire Medtech is a hybrid program that will take place virtually October 16-November 10, culminating in a two-day workshop November 15-⁠16 at TechTown Detroit. TechTown is Detroit’s entrepreneurship hub and a nonprofit business service organization that provides programs, education, and resources for early- to growth-stage small businesses and tech entrepreneurs. We are grateful for their continued support of Aspire Medtech and for the opportunity for our entrepreneurs to connect with the TechTown community and staff.

Discover more about the startups of the Fall 2023 cohort, which includes six teams that are E-Team Program alumni, and five teams that participated in Ascend Medtech. They are working on solutions like a reusable smart mask that monitors and displays patient vitals without continuous intervention, an interactive clinical research training platform for healthcare professionals that streamlines medical training education, and a concierge service that connects a qualified team of healthcare professionals with patients and caregivers via a mobile app.

Advanced Interactive Response Systems
Newaygo, Michigan
Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) is developing a suite of oxygen delivery systems including a portable humidifier and an oxygen flow monitor that tracks the amount of oxygen being delivered to a patient through a mobile app.

Bloom Surgical
Salt Lake City, Utah
Bloom Surgical is developing LaparoVision, a novel micro-mechanical wiping device and in-abdomen cleaning solution for rapidly clearing visual disruptions during minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Goleta, California
CaptureDx is developing an accessible, AI-assisted point-of-care ultrasound image capture system to expand equitable access to patients in underserved communities.

CoreDio Corp.
Mountain View, California
CoreDio Corp. is developing a device worn on the wrist that continuously and non-invasively monitors heart function in order to help diagnose and manage heart failure at home.

Baltimore, Maryland
CurveAssure is developing an at-home, wearable monitoring technology that provides physicians with posture analysis data, allowing for faster data-driven patient care and surgical decision-making.

HyQ Research Solutions, LLC
College Station, Texas
HyQ Research Solutions (HyQRS) is developing pads using ceramic materials to be placed around the human body during an MRI, enhancing the signal and enabling shorter scan times.

Southfield, Michigan
Interjad is developing an interactive, clinical research training platform for healthcare professionals that utilizes web and mobile-based gamified simulations to streamline medical training education.

Lighthanded Enterprises
Cleveland, Ohio
Lighthanded Enterprises is developing a low-cost, easy-to-use laser otoscope that enables pediatricians to screen for the most common cause of early childhood hearing loss with 90% accuracy.

NeuroGeneces Inc.
Santa Fe, New Mexico
NeuroGeneces is developing a headband with biometric sensors that monitors EEG brainwaves, movement, oxygen, and heart rate, sending that data to be analyzed through a mobile app in order to promote early detection of neurodegeneration.

Lansing, Michigan
NurseConnect is developing a concierge service that connects a qualified team of healthcare professionals with patients and caregivers via a mobile app, allowing for timely and accurate medical advocacy.

Pascal Medical
Richmond, Virginia
Pascal Medical is developing a synthetic polymer hydrogel intended to seal surgical and traumatic leaks and release antibiotics onto surgical sites.

Baltimore, Maryland
Somnair is developing a novel, minimally invasive neurostimulation device that increases airway muscle tone and prevents airway collapse for patients who experience obstructive sleep apnea.

Dallas, Texas
SteadiSpoon is developing an affordable, self-stabilizing eating utensil designed to help empower people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor to regain agency and autonomy.

Steradian Technologies, Inc.
Houston, Texas
Steradian Technologies is developing The RUMI, an affordable, high-tech 30-second diagnostic tool for respiratory infectious diseases.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
T33 is developing tools to deliver drugs directly into tooth enamel—which allows for a higher amount than topical applications—in order to improve patient oral health.

Total Analysis LLC
Detroit, Michigan
Total Analysis is developing a user-friendly, portable pathogen screening platform used onsite to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Vita Innovations
New York, New York, and Palo Alto, California
Vita Innovations is developing a platform that streamlines patient intake, improves clinical capacity, and provides personalized decision support in crowded hospital waiting room settings.

Access to a Dynamic Team of Investor-Mentors

Throughout Aspire, startups gain access to experienced mentors who offer continuous and thoughtful feedback, guiding them as they prepare for investment. We are pleased to welcome the following investor-mentors: Sue Bevan Baggott, angel investor, Queen City Angels; Elaine Bolle, angel investor, RTP Angel Fund and Portfolia Active Aging and Longevity Fund; Shubha K. Chakravarthy, founder, Achiiv; Marcia Dawood, angel investor, Angel Capital Association and Mindshift Capital; Margarita Hernandez, vice president of Entrepreneurial Services, Ann Arbor SPARK; Dayo Idowu, business development manager, QTS Medical Device Outsourcing, and business development lead, Groove Capital; Deborah Livneh, executive director, WECAN Investors; Dave Morin, founder and managing mentor, Care Technology Advisors; Eddie Patton Jr., entrepreneur, neurologist, and general partner, Prosalus Capital Partners; Marquicia Pierce, founder and principal consultant, Ruby Leaf Media; Denise Saltojanes, angel investor, Golden Seeds and NuFund Venture Group; and Jonathan Seltzer, angel investor, NuFund Venture Group.

Additionally, Patrick Beattie, co-founder and former CEO of Redbird, and Katie Solley, co-founder and CEO of Eyedea Medical (VentureWell Accelerator alumna), will join the Aspire program as entrepreneurs-in-residence to share their unique perspective as early-stage founders.

In addition to mentors-in-residence, Aspire Medtech will host coaches, guest speakers, and individual office-hour mentors representing angel investor, venture capital, and sector perspectives, to provide each company with added support and expertise throughout the program.

We congratulate the members of our newest Aspire cohort!

Meet the Aspire Medtech Partners and Sponsors

TechTown Detroit contributes to this program annually with generous support from VentureWell’s legacy funding partner, The Lemelson Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting the power of invention to improve lives. In addition, we are also supported by MedHealth, a regional collaboration driving health innovation in Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario; and Cooley LLP, an international law firm.

We are thankful for the program partners, sponsors, and investors that are offering their time and resources to support these startups!

Learn More About the Aspire Program

Aspire has had a significant positive impact on seed-stage startups since its inception in 2015. Across 181 startups, the teams have raised over $422M in funding. Aspire startups that are also E-Team Program grantees are eligible to receive matching investment from VentureWell.

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