Global Innovation Through Science and Technology Initiative

Empowering Science & Technology Entrepreneurs in 135 Emerging Economies

VentureWell is supporting delivery of the U.S. Department of State’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative, which empowers young innovators through networking, skills building, mentoring, and access to financing to develop startup solutions that address economic and development challenges.

Since 2011, GIST has engaged with science and technology innovators and entrepreneurs in 135 emerging economies around the world, providing training and resources to help them build successful startups. This is done through competitions, startup boot camps, and interactive online programs.

VentureWell is implementing the GIST Startup Boot Camps and the TechConnect interactive online programs, including:

Startup Bootcamps
Multi-day, intensive workshops for entrepreneurs in emerging economies that provide them with skills and knowledge to develop their ventures.

Webinar series for global innovators featuring in-depth discussions on key topics in early-stage entrepreneurship.

Innovation Hubs
Community-led meet-up groups that build vibrant regional networks of young science and technology entrepreneurs around the world.

GIST Network
An online resource on global innovation and entrepreneurship, and networking space for program participants to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs around the world.

GIST Investors
An investor training program for in-country stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to bolster local financial support for startups and create sustainable investment networks.

Learn more about all of the GIST initiatives and apply for current opportunities on the GIST Network website.


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