Faculty Spotlight: Joe Tranquillo

joe tranquillo

Next in our series highlighting educators within the VentureWell network doing good work is Joe Tranquillo from Bucknell University.

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Eight Great I&E Class Exercises

I&E class exercises

Looking for inspiration for innovation & entrepreneurship exercises you can use in class? Here are eight great ones from faculty in the VentureWell network.

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Applying Lean Startup Methodology in Developing Countries

lean startup methodology

Lean startup is becoming a pervasive part of entrepreneurial communities, but hasn’t been applied extensively to social innovation for developing economies. Why not?

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How Innovation & Entrepreneurship Will Change in 2017

innovation and entrepreneurship trends

As we kick off 2017, there is no doubt that entrepreneurship is flourishing. Here are five emerging areas that deserve deeper attention in the coming year.

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Faculty Spotlight: Ruth Ochia

ruth ochia

This week we continue our series highlighting educators within the VentureWell network that are doing good work—faculty members that are challenging norms in higher education. Next up is Ruth Ochia from Temple University.

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15 I&E Books for Your Holiday Reading List

Looking for some innovation and entrepreneurship holiday reading? Here’s what a cross-section of entrepreneurship educators from around the country are interested in today.

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The VentureWell List: 2016

venturewell year in review

2016 was a banner year at VentureWell, and 2017 is shaping up to be even more exciting. Here’s a quick summary of how we helped grow innovation and entrepreneurship in 2016.

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Faculty Spotlight: Magda Lagoudas

magda lagoudas

Our on-going series on educators within the VentureWell network doing good work focuses on Magda Lagoudas, Executive Director of Industry/Nonprofit Partnerships and Instructional Associate Professor at Texas A&M University.

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Growing Your Institution’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

pathways ecosystem

Is there some secret sauce you can add to your campus and voila, you’ve got a fully formed I&E ecosystem? We talked with faculty and administrators on integrating I&E into engineering education on their campuses.

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Mentoring Initiatives for Underrepresented Students

mentoring underrepresented students

To build a diverse pipeline of I&E innovators, we must recruit students from underrepresented groups into STEM and help them persist. Mentoring is part of the answer here. We spoke with mentoring expert Becky Wai-Ling Packard about how to design an effective mentoring initiative.

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Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at VentureWell!


We’d like to take a moment to give heartfelt thanks to everyone who makes VentureWell happen: Our funders and partners for their indispensable support The brilliant people who participate in our programs with whom we always feel lucky to work All the stakeholders in the greater community working to push invention & entrepreneurship forward And […]

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Three Things We Can Do to Make Entrepreneurship More Inclusive

inclusive entrepreneurship

Science- and technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship is rightly seen as a fundamental driver of American prosperity, but underrepresentation of women and people of color occurs along every step of the I&E process. Here are three practical things we can do.

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Faculty Spotlight: Alizabeth Sanchez Lopez

alizabeth sanchez

Our on-going series on educators within the VentureWell network doing good work focuses on Alizabeth M. Sánchez-López, Associate Professor in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at the Universidad del Turabo in Puerto Rico.

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Want to Integrate I&E on Campus? Adopt a “Principle of Inclusiveness”


“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” — Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince Change is hard. Leading change efforts is even harder, and not for everyone. Yet as part of […]

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Inventing Green: Sanergy


Let’s say you have an idea. You think it’s clean tech, and it’s going to improve lives around the world. Now step back for a moment: is it really clean? What are the environmental impacts of the innovation? What materials are used in production? What happens when the product is disposed of? VentureWell has produced […]

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So What Exactly Is Entrepreneurship, Anyway?

If you’re a champion of entrepreneurship education, you know how challenging it can be to get other faculty and administrators to share your vision and passion. The biggest challenge, other than overcoming biases, often comes down to the perennial question, “What is entrepreneurship?” I’ve been in meetings and at events where definitions range from “venture […]

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Faculty Spotlight: Mary Raber

mary raber

what makes for a great teacher? a passion for learning This week we continue our series on educators within the VentureWell network. These educators are challenging norms in higher education and inspiring students to impact the world through invention. This month’s faculty spotlight is Mary Raber, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Pavlis Honors College Director, […]

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