For over 20 years, VentureWell has worked to support, train, and foster networks to ensure the next generation of science and technology innovators realize – and maximize – their potential in bringing their ideas to impact. From our experience developing forward-thinking programming to fostering deep collaboration among the best minds from research labs, classrooms, and beyond, we’re well-positioned to provide valuable insights and best practices to advance innovation and entrepreneurship education. We want to share key learnings from our work with the greater innovation and entrepreneurship community to ensure all early-stage innovators have the opportunities to bring their inventions to the world via new ventures, creating jobs and impact at the same time.

Innovator Insights Report

innovator insights

Our breadth of experience in training and supporting early-stage innovators as well as program data enables us to produce Innovator Insights: Illuminating the Path for Tomorrow’s Inventors. The report highlights valuable findings and best practices around embarking on a journey in innovation and entrepreneurship.



2017 Year in Review

Our Year in Review report highlights the work we’ve done in the past year, but the stories in the report do more than showcase the innovators we’ve supported over the last twelve months. They illustrate the result of more than two decades of forward-thinking programming to build a vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship community in support of inventors and innovators globally.


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