DayOne Response

Providing people with clean drinking water after natural disasters

Dock Technologies

A patient-centric wearable providing data capture during emergency healthcare events

Hazel Technologies

Innovation that controls produce ripeness and reduces spoilage

HM Solution

Water treatment technology with a long-lasting filtering system that does not require additional chemicals

Infinite Composites Technologies

Advanced storage systems to make transporting natural gas and other fuels more economical

Innoblative Designs, Inc.

A disposable radiofrequency ablation (RFA) probe that destroys residual cancer cells around the site of a breast cancer lumpectomy


Ultra-lightweight, multi-geared wheels for manual wheelchairs


Innovation that provides visualization of treated regions of the protective gear, eliminating uncertainty of complete coverage

Promethean Power Systems

Preserving perishable foods in some of the world’s most challenging conditions


Technology to transform food waste into biostimulants and soil amendments

Sintact Medical Systems

Technology that ensures tissues remain separate after surgery


Smart glass designed to selectably tint a window at the push of a button

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