Infinite Composites Technologies

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Most composite tanks used for transporting natural gas and other fuels are made with a heavy gas-tight liner. These liners take up valuable storage space and add unnecessary weight, making the systems costly and inefficient. Infinite Composites Technologies (ICT) designs, develops, and manufactures advanced gas storage systems to make their transportation more economical. Its proprietary infinite composite pressure vessel (iCPV) is the only high-pressure fuel system able to hold more fuel weight than cylinder weight. This capacity makes transportation of natural gas and other fuels cheaper as the container is lighter and can contain more gas. The company has raised several million dollars to grow its team, facility, and business development efforts, in addition to an Oklahoma Applied Research Support grant from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) for ongoing R+D. The team from Oklahoma State University participated in VentureWell’s E-Team program in 2012. VentureWell invested in Infinite Composite Technologies in 2015.

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