sinode systems wins sustainable practice impact award for creating batteries that last longer and charge faster

Chicago-based company SiNode Systems has won this year’s Sustainable Practice Impact Award to honor a company that develops clean technologies, implements sustainable practices, or provides exceptional educational opportunities to university students. The award will be presented during a luncheon on Saturday, March 25th in Washington, DC as part of VentureWell’s annual Open conference.

SiNode Systems is being honored for their silicon graphene composites which enable longer lasting, faster charging batteries for mobile devices or laptops as a replacement for today’s unsustainable demand on lithium-ion batteries. SiNode Systems also hopes to evolve its technology to work for cars. Last year, the company was awarded a $4 million contract from the U.S. Department of Energy and major automotive companies to develop a better car battery.

“SiNode is a great example of the impact that students can have as technological innovators, founders, and the agents that commercialize and scale research break-throughs,” said Phil Weilerstein, president of VentureWell.

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