venturewell welcomes latest aspire cohort


We’re excited to welcome our next cohort of ASPIRE startups! ASPIRE is an intensive experiential workshop that prepares startups for the investments and partnerships necessary to launch their ventures. Through the generous support of The Lemelson Foundation, the Autodesk Foundation, and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, we’re providing these science and technology entrepreneurs with the tools, mentorship, and network building that they need to make an impact.

Meet the winter 2018 Life Sciences cohort below:

Aeronics Inc
Supplemental oxygen is often prescribed for patients with respiratory diseases, but current oxygen delivery systems are heavy, high-pressure tanks that can be dangerous and inconvenient to transport. Aeronics developed a portable and convenient oxygen therapy device with a microporous storage container that provides a safe, low-pressure supply of medical oxygen.

Of the 8.6 million U.S. women who rely on birth control pills each year, 775,000 become pregnant unintentionally, and 42% of those pregnancies are terminated. Cadence developed a pill case with an integrated hardware/software system that improves oral contraceptive pill adherence and offers guidance on how to proceed when a pill is missed.

CAST Technologies
The delay in appropriate antibiotic treatment for antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB) led to at least two million hospitalizations, 23,000 deaths, and billions of dollars in healthcare cost in 2013 alone. CAST Technologies developed a new plasmonic imaging and tracking method, which will rapidly detect antibiotic-resistant strains, improve clinical diagnostics, and ultimately reduce healthcare costs.

Chosen Diagnostics Inc
Necrotizing enterocolitis, a common and life-threatening disease among preterm infants with low birth weight, is often difficult to diagnose. Chosen Diagnostics developed a biomarker test to more accurately diagnose the gastrointestinal disease in preterm infants, allowing for earlier medical intervention.

Due to inadequate biopsy quality, nearly 1 million repeat biopsy procedures are required, delaying life-saving treatments for over 2 months. Instapath developed a microscopy system that provides an exact picture of cancer biopsies within seconds, providing essential biopsy quality evaluation to ensure an accurate final diagnosis.

Noleus Technologies, Inc
Bowel swelling is the leading cause of extended hospital stays after abdominal surgery. Noleus Technologies invented a medical device that prevenets thickening of the intestinal wall after open abdominal surgery, enabling faster patient recovery and decreasing length of hospital stay.

Post-mastectomy nipple reconstruction methods create a nipple that loses projection, has little to no sensation, and requires a tattoo for pigmentation. NovoThelium developed a tissue-engineered nipple made from a patient’s own cells that maintains shape, has natural pigmentation, and the potential for improved sensation.

palmm Co
For the 4 million people suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating of the hands, treatment is costly and time consuming. palmm created a convenient at-home treatment using a wearable electrical current delivery system.

Smart Diagnostics Systems, LLC
Early pathogen detection is critical in helping prevent outbreaks of food borne illnesses. Smart Diagnostic Systems has created a technology that can detect and identify up to five pathogens at one time, significantly increasing speed and accuracy as compared to current technology.

Read more about all of the startups here.

The ASPIRE workshop is hosted in collaboration with The Shop at the CAC, The Idea Village, The Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Tulane University, and the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. More than a dozen mentors and guest speakers representing angel, VC, and corporate perspectives will spend the week with this cohort of startups. The goal is to help the entrepreneurs develop and hone their materials to launch their fundraising efforts.


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