Meet the 2024 Cohort of NOAA Innovates | Ocean-Based Climate Resilience Accelerator, Powered by VentureWell

NOAA Innovates | Ocean-Based Climate Resilience Accelerator, powered by VentureWell; photo of ocean wave breaking over the sand

With the support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), we are pleased to announce the teams chosen for the 2024 NOAA Innovates | Ocean-Based Climate Resilience Accelerator, powered by VentureWell cohort. Participants were selected after a competitive application process, proving their concepts show significant promise and address marine-based climate resilience—like technology that electrochemically removes carbon dioxide from ocean water while storing energy like a battery, and lightweight and cost-effective marine tractors that restore marine ecosystems by planting corals and seagrass.

These innovators will gain an understanding of technology pathways, market applications, and funding options necessary to launch their innovations. Through three vigorous half-day workshops, teams will receive dedicated guidance from experts in climate resilience, intensive training, and opportunities to connect with VentureWell’s extensive network of mentors, investors, and alumni post-program.

“We carefully selected these innovators for their high degree of dedication and competency in developing climate solutions,” said Tricia Compas-Markman, director of National Venture Programs at VentureWell. “Through our accelerator program, they will refine their technology that addresses the real-world challenges facing ocean resilience.”

NOAA Innovates is a two-part virtual program that will launch June 17-18 with an initial online workshop, and conclude July 16 for the final portion.

Meet the Cohort

Aurelia Upper Ocean Profilers
New Bedford, Massachusetts
The innovation: The Aurelia Upper Ocean Profiler, a lightweight autonomous device that monitors subsurface ocean space for extreme weather forecasting, reducing the cost of production associated with modern devices designed for deep ocean missions.

Autonomous Undersea Coastal Oceanographic Data Robots for Improved Predictive Ecosystem Modeling Tools
Narragansett, Rhode Island
The innovation: Modeling tools that blend traditional moorings with artificial intelligence (AI)–assisted coastal ocean sampling robots for accurate and informed spatial-temporal oceanographic data.

Clean Valley
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
The innovation: Tidal Thrive, a living breakwater using materials from reefs that reduce wave action, increase sedimentation rates, and combat erosion and storm surge impacts, restoring microhabitats and enhancing biodiversity.

Coastal Infrastructure Monitoring Software
Honolulu, Hawaii
The innovation: A modeling software program that provides real-time weather forecast estimates of the sea state in sheltered coastal infrastructure locations, monitoring sea level rise, storm surges, and tides for engineers at maintenance facilities.

Gulf Coast Green Energy
Mobile, Alabama
The innovation: Ocean wave and temperature differential energy harvesting for sustainable power generation and environmental monitoring applications in the Gulf Coast region.

Kingston, Rhode Island
The innovation: Technology that magnetically activates particles to remove bacterial biofilms from underwater surfaces and sensors, reducing costs and improving accuracy and reliability in underwater sensing.

Maiden Wave Energy LLC
Baltimore, Maryland
The innovation: Multi-point surface wave technology to harness scalable clean energy, from tens of watts to kilowatts, for ocean observation uses to power a floating observation platform or autonomous vehicle.

Modeling of Harnessing Wind Energy From Lake Michigan in Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
The innovation: Simulation tools to support the design and construction of wind turbines harvesting energy from Lake Michigan, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to renewable energy generation in Chicago, Illinois.

Ocean Carbon Removal and Energy Storage System
Ann Arbor, Michigan
The innovation: Technology that electrochemically removes carbon dioxide from ocean water while storing energy like a battery, helping to reduce carbon footprint for companies while providing an opportunity for renewable energy production.

San Francisco, California
The innovation: Lightweight and cost-effective marine tractors that plant nursery-raised corals and seagrass at rates surpassing traditional manual methods, facilitating marine restoration.

Sandbar Oyster Company
Morehead City, North Carolina
The innovation: Cement infused with plant cloth to create oyster-rich reefs that protect shorelines and facilitate habitat restoration, specifically for oyster and salt marsh ecosystems.

Access to a Seasoned Team of Coaches

During the accelerator program, participants will unlock one-on-one mentorship from industry leaders experienced in ocean resilience, carbon sequestration, hazard mitigation, and ecosystem services. We are pleased to welcome lead instructor Jeff Plumblee, a resilience and sustainability specialist; and coaches Sandra Fujiyama, executive director, Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship; Courtney McGeachy, director of Ocean Visions-United Nations Decade Collaborative Center for Ocean Climate Solutions, Ocean Visions; Whitney Tallarico, CEO, GRIT Consulting, and program manager, Alaska Blue Economy Center; and Kirk Waltz, director, Government Services Business Development—Clean Energy Transition, American Bureau of Shipping.

We congratulate the first-ever members of our NOAA Innovates | Ocean-Based Climate Resilience Accelerator, powered by VentureWell cohort!

Learn More About NOAA

NOAA is an agency that enriches life through science. Their reach goes from the surface of the sun to the depths of the ocean floor as they work to keep the public informed of the changing environment around them. Learn more at View more about the Ocean-Based Climate Resilience Accelerators program.

This effort is funded by VentureWell’s Phase 1 award through NOAA’s Ocean-Based Resilience Climate Accelerators program.

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