Meet the 2024 Rose Rock Ascend Cohort

Rose Rock Ascend 2024 Cohort; photos of some of the innovations

We are thrilled to announce the 15 energy startups selected to participate in the Rose Rock Ascend Program, powered by Rose Rock Bridge and VentureWell. These startups were chosen for their exceptional work in geothermal energy, critical minerals, methane management, carbon-to-value, and produced water. The companies will receive intensive training designed specifically for deep-tech companies in the early stages of preparing for investment.

“This program is tailor-made to bridge the gap between customer discovery and commercial launch for energy startups,” said Tricia Compas-Markman, director of National Venture Programs at VentureWell. “With our team of dedicated mentors-in-residence, we will help the founders validate their financial models and business model canvases, and prepare them for funder and partner engagement opportunities they will need to launch.”

Participants are spearheading efforts to develop innovations like an autonomous sensor system for extracting energy resources remotely and mitigating environmental impact, and an artificial intelligence (AI)–powered prediction system that supports investment decisions in geothermal energy.

Rose Rock Ascend will culminate in an in-person workshop with Rose Rock Bridge and partners in Tulsa, Oklahoma, August 7-8.

Meet the Cohort

College Station, Texas
AGFRAC is developing an AI-enabled tool that uses fiber optics to deliver real-time data to identify strain that occurs during hydraulic fracturing.

Aquanta Vision
Fort Collins, Colorado
Aquanta Vision is developing an automated, frequency-based signal processing app for optical gas imaging that identifies methane emissions without the need for human intervention or existing camera models.

College Station, Texas
Carvis is developing nanoparticles that modify the permeability of hydrocarbons and water to improve reservoir performance, streamlining the production process and reducing water production in oil and gas wells.

Austin, Texas
Geosingularity is developing an autonomous microelectric sensor system for remote exploration and extraction of energy resources, mitigating environmental impact.

Geothermal Radar
Austin, Texas
Geothermal Radar is developing a digital modeling system that connects subsurface and industrial data with geothermal models for real-time simulation, valuation, and feasibility assessment.

Golden, Colorado
GeoThermOptimal is developing a multi-stage fracturing system and well tractor to enable zonal isolation during horizontal drilling, reducing pollution while unlocking carbon-free energy.

Golden, Colorado
HXMX is developing a database search engine utilizing AI that quickly identifies patterns in well logging, significantly reducing picking time and ensuring more informed, enhanced decision making.

MIBS / Element3
College Station, Texas
MIBS is developing a real-time, inline sensor that can deliver lab-quality elemental analysis of water and brines to accurately identify minerals in fluid mediums, extracting lithium from wastewater produced by oil and gas production.

Arvada, Colorado
PetroBricks is developing a platform to run, monitor, and manage data automations for oil and gas companies, providing access to a library of prebuilt data connectors and a simple toolkit for composing data pipelines.

Fort Worth, Texas
RASMAG is developing an underground pumped hydro storage system using depleted oil and gas wells, leveraging the natural pressure from rock to offer ultra-long energy storage.

College Station, Texas
Relegance is developing AI assistant technology that provides real-time monitoring and digitization of drilling fluids without the need for a drilling rig modification and allowing for use on multiple rigs.

Tomball, Texas
Resollant is developing a reactor that generates hydrogen and syngas from natural gas, biogas, or waste gas, capturing excess carbon as a solid, which can then be used in various industrial applications, such as in tires, paints, and batteries.

Terra Watts
Cookeville, Tennessee
Terra Watts is developing technology that extends the range of wireless power transmission, enabling a low-infrastructure global energy transition and delivering long-range wireless power for a sustainable future.

Golden, Colorado
Thermofilic is developing an AI-powered prediction system that supports investment decisions in geothermal energy by scanning large areas using remote sensing data and other data types to delineate enhanced geothermal system (EGS) production with accuracy.

San Antonio, Texas
Xalter is developing virtual reality technology that closes skill gaps and creates scalable training solutions for maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) of integrated mechanical systems (IMS) in energy and transportation.

Access to Mentors-in-Residence

Founders who participate in Rose Rock Ascend will leverage the VentureWell and Rose Rock Bridge mentor and investor networks. We are thrilled to welcome co-lead instructor Julie Drapier, angel investor and venture partner, Suttona Capital. She is joined by our mentors-in-residence: David Clouse, managing director, EIC Rose Rock; Andrea Course, venture capitalist, Digital Innovation at Shell; Johannes Dyring, assistant vice president, Business Development and Strategic Initiatives, Toronto Metropolitan University; Courtney Gill, senior investment associate, Atento Capital; Brian Kerns, angel investor and business advisor, Southwest Angel Network; Susan Moring, principal, Cortado Ventures; DC Palter, angel investor and mentor lead, Chemical Angel Network; Kelsey Putman Hughes, principal and energy geoscientist, Sun Wolf Energy; and C.J. Whelan, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and former executive director of Rockies Venture Club.

About Rose Rock Bridge

Rose Rock Bridge is an incubator program supported by an extensive network of leaders across industry, venture capital, and startup support. The program works to accelerate physical sciences technologies that propel hard-to-abate industries to
 meet their innovation and sustainability goals.

About the VentureWell Accelerator

Through the funding, training, mentorship, exposure to industry experts, and network-building opportunities offered by the suite of programs within the VentureWell Accelerator, we’ve supported over 1,700 innovators on 720+ teams in raising $1B+ in follow-on funding and helped them launch over 400 new businesses.

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