six VentureWell innovators make the Forbes 30 Under 30 list

30 under 30

Congratulations to the six VentureWell program participants for being among the leading innovators recognized by Forbes for 2021. The Forbes 30 Under 30 list highlights the accomplishments of innovators and leaders in 20 industries, all under 30 years old.


James Carnes and Kyle Gillis are co-founders of Iconic AIR. They developed an air quality monitoring device that attaches to an unmanned aerial vehicle for use in collecting samples of pollutants and aeronautic data. The software will optimize leak detection, operations, and emissions targets. Iconic AIR participated in our E-Team Grant program, and the NSF I-Corps program in Fall 2019.

Daniela Blanco and Myriam Sbeiti are co-founders of Sunthetics. They have developed a solar-powered device to use during the chemical input phase of nylon production, helping eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing process. Sunthetics participated in our E-Team Grant program, and exhibited in our OPEN Minds showcase in 2019.


Mackenzie AndrewsElias BakerAllisa Song, and Jennifer Steger are co-founders of Nanodropper. They are developing a user-friendly universal adapter for eyedrop medication bottles to create smaller droplets, thereby reducing waste due to oversized drops and decreasing the per-dose cost to patients. Nanodropper participated in our E-Team Grant program, and received an Honorable Mention award from the BMEidea 2018 Competition.

manufacturing and industry 

Payam Pourtaheri and Ameer Shakeel are co-founders of AgroSpheres LLC. Residual pesticides that linger on the surface of grapes in vineyards can lead to inefficiencies and harvest losses, can kill the yeast during fermentation, and are toxic to the workers who are exposed to them. AgroSpheres has engineered a non-toxic biological device to degrade pesticides on the surface of produce. The team participated in our E-Team Grant Program, ASPIRE program, and exhibited at our OPEN Minds showcase in 2017.

Noah Hill and Daniel Weinstein are the co-founders of Lura Health (formerly UCHU Biosensors, Inc.). Millions of Americans are affected by chronic tooth decay, yet there is a lack of effective preventative tools to address the issue. Lura Health is developing wireless, intraoral sensors to track oral acidity, providing real-time data and advice for patients to prevent tooth decay. The team participated in our E-Team Grant program.

Haley Marie Keith and Kevin Keith are co-founders of MITO Material Solutions. Fiber-reinforced composites tend to fracture and delaminate under stress, causing severe mechanical failures during a machine’s lifetime. MITO Material Solutions developed a revolutionary nano-filler additive that can toughen fiber-reinforced composites by 100%. The team participated in our E-Team Grant program, ASPIRE program, and exhibited in our OPEN Minds showcase in 2018.

We’re proud to have played a role in each of these leaders’ success. Congratulations to the young entrepreneurs!

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