Meet the Spring 2023 VentureWell Aspire Climatetech Cohort

Aspire Climatetech 2023 Cohort; photos of climatetech and nature

We are thrilled to announce the 15 seed-stage startups selected for the Spring 2023 cohort of our Aspire investor engagement program. Chosen for their compelling climatetech solutions, these startups will take part in five weeks of customized training and connect directly with investors to gain deep insight into what is required during the due diligence process. By the end of the program, participants will build out their deal room materials and develop a viable fundraising plan.

Aspire is a hybrid program that will take place virtually May 22 through June 16, culminating in a two-day workshop June 21-22 at Greentown Labs in Houston, Texas. Greentown is one of the leading climatetech startup incubators in North America, serving Houston-area entrepreneurs with resources, networking opportunities, equipment, and lab space to accelerate their ventures. We are grateful for their continued support of Aspire Climatetech and for the opportunity for our entrepreneurs to connect with the Greentown Labs community and staff.

We invite you to learn more about the companies of the Spring 2023 cohort—they are on the path to commercializing ventures like a packaged goods company that produces shoes from food waste and other recycled materials; a device that measures and provides diagnostics on electric vehicle battery life to increase usage efficiency; and cost-effective heating and cooling energy retrofits for low-to-middle-income housing.

Active Surfaces
Somerville, Massachusetts
Active Surfaces is developing an ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible film solar technology that allows solar panels to be applied to any surface, lowering manufacturing costs and making solar energy more accessible.

San Francisco, California
Ammobia is developing a thermochemical process that produces sustainable, low-cost ammonia, enabling more accessible green production.

Cleveland, Ohio
Corrolytics is developing a kit that tests, determines, and monitors microbial corrosion on engineering materials, protecting assets for industrial companies.

Houston, Texas
DrinKicks is developing a packaged goods company that repurposes food waste and recycled materials into sustainable shoes.

Earnest Agriculture
Rantoul, Illinois
Earnest Agriculture is developing sustainable soil products such as compost and earthworm castings by recycling farm animal waste products, increasing plant yields for farmers.

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Earthbond is developing a platform that analyzes the financial profile of small- to mid-sized businesses in Africa, designing a payment and access plan for local solar energy.

Phoenix, Arizona
EarthEn is developing energy storage technology that uses carbon dioxide in a closed loop to store up to 100 hours of energy at a low cost.

Houston, Texas
frakktal is developing a fully bio-based polyvinyl chloride plastic alternative to be used in manufacturing building materials, reducing chemical pollutants and fossil-fuel–based materials that are harmful to the environment.

Muon Vision Inc.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Muon Vision is developing a highly accurate visualization map that monitors the movement of fluids in the Earth, producing detailed geo-models for more sustainable, efficient mining.

Qilo Watt, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois
Qilo Watt is developing a program that analyzes data on electricity usage, providing utility companies with insights to reduce expenses and increase grid efficiency.

Signal Hill, California
ReJoule is developing a management system that accurately measures electric vehicle battery life, providing a diagnostics and grading report to maximize battery usage.

Shinkei Systems
Brooklyn, New York
Shinkei Systems developed hands-free robotic automation on boats and farms to increase the efficiency of fish processing.

SpadXTech LLC
Worcester, Massachusetts
SpadXTech is developing cellulose-based materials from microbes to produce customizable materials for insulation, filtration, and apparel, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
ThermoVerse is developing cost-effective heating and cooling energy retrofits for low-to-middle-income housing property managers, increasing energy efficiency without opening up walls.

Vale Technologies
Cincinnati, Ohio
Vale Technologies is developing technology that captures carbon dioxide emissions before they are released into the environment, converting waste into recoverable chemical feedstock.

Access to a Dynamic Team of Investor Mentors

Throughout Aspire, startups gain access to experienced mentors who offer continuous and thoughtful feedback, guiding them as they prepare for investment. We are pleased to welcome the following mentors-in-residence: Andrea Course, venture principal, Shell Ventures; Marcia Dawood, venture partner, Mindshift Capital, and board chair, Angel Capital Association; Ellington Ellis, angel investor and entrepreneur, Catalyst Angels; Juliana Garaizar, chief development and investment officer, Greentown Labs; Michael Harper, investor/entrepreneur, Catalyst Angels, and partner, Burrell Harper + CO; Talona Johnson, angel investor, Catalyst Angels; Deb Kemper, partner, Golden Seeds Ventures; Brian Kerns, angel investor, Southwest Angel Network; Anne Maghas, angel investor and entrepreneur, Dash Group; Joe Matthews, angel investor and executive leader, Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Diversity & Inclusion; Domineca Neal, investor/entrepreneur and mentor, Commune Angels; and DC Palter, angel investor and mentor lead, Chemical Angel Network.

Additionally, Adam Stager, founder and CEO of TRIC Robotics (Aspire 2021 alumnus), will join the Aspire program as an entrepreneur-in-residence to share his journey as an early-stage startup founder and his experience raising non-dilutive and equity financing.

In addition to mentors-in-residence, ASPIRE Climatetech will host coaches, guest speakers, and individual office-hour mentors representing angel investor, venture capital, and sector perspectives to provide each company with added support and expertise throughout the program.

We congratulate the members of our newest Aspire cohort!

Meet the Aspire Climatetech Partners and Sponsors

Greentown Labs contributes to this program annually with support from VentureWell’s legacy funding partner, The Lemelson Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting the power of invention to improve lives. Additionally, we are also supported by Cooley LLP, an international law firm spurring the power of innovation through working with clients in the technology, life sciences, and high-growth industries.

We are thankful for the program partners, sponsors, and investors that are offering their time and resources to support these startups!

Learn More About the ASPIRE Program

Aspire has had a significant positive impact on seed-stage startups since its inception in 2015. Across 170+ startups, the teams have raised over $330M in funding, with a 78% venture persistence rate. Aspire startups that are also E-Team grantees are eligible to receive matching investment from VentureWell.

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