Meet the Spring 2024 VentureWell Aspire Climatetech Cohort

Aspire Climatetech 2024; photos of climatetech innovations developed by the cohort

We are thrilled to announce the 16 seed-stage startups chosen for the Spring 2024 cohort of our Aspire Climatetech investor-engagement program. After a competitive selection process, these companies were chosen for innovations that demonstrate a clear positive impact, a compelling value proposition, and a solution to a problem currently facing customers. The startups will explore five weeks of customized training and work closely with investor-mentors to dig deep into the due diligence process. By the end of the program, participants will build out their deal room materials and develop a viable fundraising plan.

Aspire Climatetech is a hybrid program that will take place virtually May 28 through June 21, culminating in a two-day workshop June 26-27 at Greentown Labs in Houston, Texas. Greentown is one of the leading climatetech startup incubators in North America, serving Houston-area entrepreneurs with resources, networking opportunities, equipment, and lab space to accelerate their ventures. We are grateful for their continued support of Aspire Climatetech and for the opportunity for our entrepreneurs to connect with the Greentown Labs community and staff.

Discover more about the startups of the Spring 2024 cohort, which includes three teams that are E-Team Program alumni, five teams that recently completed ACCEL (VentureWell is a curriculum and resource partner), and one team that participated in our Ascend Energy & Mobility Accelerator. They are working on important solutions to reduce the effects of climate change or increase climate resilience. One innovation is a conductive concrete that can enable energy storage, electronic vehicle charging, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Another is a low-cost solar panel platform restoring ocean ecosystems by adding to reef habitats.

Aquasaic Corporation
Somerville, Massachusetts
Aquasaic Corporation is developing a platform biological solution to address water contamination in a cost-effective manner to provide clean water access to communities.

Arculus Solutions, Inc.
Rockville, Maryland
Arculus Solutions, Inc. is developing retrofits for natural gas transmission pipelines, enabling safe hydrogen blending with natural gas, which offers a tangible solution for decarbonizing the energy sector at scale.

AtmoSpark Technologies
Houston, Texas
AtmoSpark Technologies is developing an atmospheric water generator that extracts water directly from the air, providing constant and reliable sources for fresh water to communities with limited access to clean drinking water.

Axis Sky Renewables
Houston, Texas
Axis Sky Renewables is developing a wind turbine that is less expensive to build and maintain, producing reliable renewable energy without the need for drilling into the ocean floor and causing environmental disturbances.

Carbon Negative Solutions
Somerville, Massachusetts
Carbon Negative Solutions is developing a ready-mix, conductive concrete that has a negative carbon footprint, enabling capabilities in energy storage, electronic vehicle charging, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Boston, Massachusetts
Cellsense is developing biomaterials using algae and regenerated cellulose, providing sustainable embellishments that eliminate sources of microplastic pollution and labor exploitation in the design and beauty industries.

Brooklyn, New York
EASEEbot is developing Building Diagnostic Robotics, a comprehensive roof inspection service using a robotic platform equipped with advanced sensors that identifies flaws, mitigating increased energy usage and emissions.

EmpowerSun Solutions LLC
Boulder, Colorado
EmpowerSun Solution is developing a platform for landowners to navigate the complex solar development process, automating technical and financial assessments to equip users with the ability to develop, co-develop, or lease land for solar development.

NC Solar Inverters
Cary, North Carolina
NC Solar Inverters is developing advanced power electronics hardware, including solar inverters, that reduce energy loss and lower costs, enabling more reliable solar energy adoption.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Ourobio is developing microbes to repurpose organic waste into low-footprint biodegradable plastic resins and additives, working with plastic converters and brands to create more sustainable products and packaging.

Ouros Materials
Brooklyn, New York
Ouros Materials is developing low-cost, high-performance composite building materials with a negative carbon footprint that is four times stronger than concrete and crack-resistant, providing a sustainable structural alternative.

RCAM Technologies
Los Angeles, California
RCAM Technologies is developing Solar Reef, a non-polluting, low-cost solar panel platform installed in a fixed position near the shoreline, providing clean electricity and new artificial reef habitats to restore ocean ecosystems.

Rivalia Chemical Co.
Chicago, Illinois
Rivalia Chemical Co. is developing a system for recovering rare earth elements (REEs) from waste such as coal fly ash, enabling users to sustainably produce REEs and other valuable metals at home.

Robotics 88, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
Robotics 88 is developing an autonomous drone that maps ground vegetation and provides high-resolution maps for more accurate fire behavior predictions, reducing wildfire risk.

The New Norm
Los Angeles, California
The New Norm is developing sustainable fabric materials through a zero water process, utilizing non-recyclable plastics and filament yarns to prevent microfiber pollution.

Voltaic Marine, Inc.
Beaverton, Oregon
Voltaic Marine is developing AEW24, an aluminum, electric water sports boat powered by a 200 kWh battery that offers up to eight hours of performance, running with minimal noise and fumes plus the ability to recharge using standard EV outlets.

Access to a Dynamic Team of Investor-Mentors

Throughout Aspire, startups gain access to experienced mentors who offer continuous and thoughtful feedback, guiding them as they prepare for investment. We are pleased to welcome the following investor-mentors: Erika Block, principal, Sticky Lab; Andrea Course, digital innovation program manager, Shell; Marcia Dawood, venture partner, Mindshift Capital, and chair emeritus, Angel Capital Association; Ellington Ellis, angel investor and entrepreneur, expert in circular energy storage systems; Juliana Garaizar, angel investor and Kauffman Fellow; Vance Jackson, CEO, NEXX Consulting Group, and angel investor; Talona Johnson, angel investor and Cadillac International product manager, General Motors Company; Deb Kemper, managing partner, Golden Seeds Venture Fund; Brian Kerns, angel investor, Southwest Angel Network; Anne Maghas, angel investor and entrepreneur, Milestone Growth Capital Institute; Domineca Neal, investor/entrepreneur and mentor, Commune Angels; DC Palter, angel investor and mentor lead, Chemical Angel Network; and Jennifer Soltis, social impact investing professional and advisor.

In addition to mentors-in-residence, Aspire Climatetech will host coaches, guest speakers, and individual office-hour mentors representing angel investor, venture capital, and sector perspectives, to provide each company with added support and expertise throughout the program.

We congratulate the members of our newest Aspire cohort!

Meet the Aspire Climatetech Partners and Sponsors

Greentown Labs contributes to this program annually with support from VentureWell’s legacy funding partner, The Lemelson Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting the power of invention to improve lives. Additionally, we are also supported by Cooley LLP, an international law firm spurring the power of innovation through working with clients in the technology, life sciences, and high-growth industries.

We are thankful for the program partners, sponsors, and investors that are offering their time and resources to support these startups!

Learn More About the Aspire Program

Aspire has had a significant positive impact on seed-stage startups since its inception in 2015. Across 177 startups, the teams have raised over $453M in funding, with an 82% persistence rate. Aspire startups that are also E-Team Program grantees are eligible to receive matching investment from VentureWell.

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