Ascend Energy & Mobility Accelerator

Powered by VentureWell, TechTown Detroit, and DOE’s EPIC Prize

Energy & mobility startups in Michigan: Prepare for investment with the Ascend Energy & Mobility Accelerator, powered by VentureWell, TechTown Detroit, and DOE’s EPIC Prize

This 6-week intensive program prepares startups for the partnerships and investment necessary to launch their venture. We are partnering with entrepreneurship hub TechTown Detroit to deliver this programming, which aims to help entrepreneurs bridge the gap between customer discovery and commercial launch. We’ve refined our process to help deep-tech companies over the last 27 years and bring this focused opportunity with support of the Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC) Prize from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions (OTT).

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Why Apply?

  1. Spend one-on-one time with mentors: Learn from high-caliber mentors throughout the program who have experience partnering with energy & mobility startups like yours.
  2. De-risk your startup: With input from customers and other stakeholders, refine the problem you are solving, validate your value proposition, and define your beachhead market.
  3. Validate your financial model: Refine the numbers behind your business model assumptions to ensure a solid financial model ahead of fundraising.
  4. Collaborate and network: Connect with fellow founders and leverage the VentureWell mentor and investor network after the program.

Does Your Startup Qualify?

VentureWell will select 10 energy & mobility startups launching high-impact solutions located in Michigan. Startups must be committed and competitive!

Applicants should have:

  • An innovation with a clear, positive impact that solves a real problem felt by customers, and has a compelling value proposition.
  • Sector-specific solutions for energy & mobility companies only.
  • A Michigan-based key founder or team lead.
  • Exposure to lean startup methodology training.
  • A company that is already legally incorporated or intending to incorporate in the near future.
  • Technology Readiness Level 3 (proof of concept) or beyond, potential for intellectual property creation.
  • Pre-seed status and have not yet raised institutional equity financing.

About EPIC

The Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC) Prize recognizes the nation’s most innovative incubators. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions (OTT), the EPIC Prize awards cash prizes to regional incubator teams that submit the most creative and impactful plans, then implement those plans to develop strong clusters, connections, and support for energy startups and entrepreneurs. Learn more.

This effort is funded by the Department of Energy’s EPIC (Energy Program Innovation Cluster) competition and supported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and TechTown Detroit.

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Questions? Contact Tricia Compas-Markman, senior program officer.

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