membership FAQ

Q: How do I apply for membership?

A: You can apply for membership here. Anyone from an institution can apply and pay for membership.

Q: I filled out the membership form, how come my institution is not listed as a member?

A: If you pay for membership via credit card your membership will become active immediately. Otherwise your membership will become active upon receipt of payment.

Q: My university has multiple campuses, does each campus require it owns membership?

A: Yes, large university systems with separate branch campuses require separate memberships for each campus.

Q: My institution only has 3,500 undergraduates; do we qualify as a college?

A: We define colleges as institutions that primarily serve an undergraduate student body. If your institution offers substantive graduate level courses and more than 10% of the student body are enrolled at the graduate level, we would classify your school as a university.

Q: I’m handling registration for the Engineering Dept. If the Business School or Biomedical Dept. wants to apply for a VentureWell grant, do they need to pay an additional (separate) membership fee?

A: No, the membership fee covers an entire institution. Individual programs and departments need not enroll separately.

Q: What is the VentureWell member discount when registering for the annual conference?

A: VentureWell members receive a substantial discount on the registration fee for Open. Check the Open website for more information.

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