2017 bmeidea competition winners


University of Virginia
First Prize

Phoenix-Aid is a safe, cost-effective, and comprehensive wound care dressing designed to prevent infection and accelerate the wound healing process of chronic wounds, specifically diabetic foot ulcers.

Team Members:
Ashwinraj Karthikeyan, B.S. Aerospace Engineering & Social Entrepreneurship 2018
Paco Abiad, B.S. Global Public Health 2019 and Research Assistant for Hamad Medical Corporation

Dr. Bala Mulloth, Faculty Advisor
Dr. Craig Volden, Department Chair
Katherine Winters, Administrative Contact
Elizabeth Pyle, ​Faculty​ ​Mentor​
Dr. Indumathy Jagadeeswaran, India Mentor
Dr. Vijay Viswanathan, Medical Advisor
Dr. Annamalai Karthikeyan, Scientific Advisor and Industry Partner
Alan Connor, Business Advisor
Akwasi Asante, Business Advisor


University of Cincinnati
Second Prize

PalateGen is a home health therapy device capable of soothing teething infants and promoting bone growth in those with cleft palate deformities. This is achieved through the application of a vibrational stimulus to the affected areas.

Team Members:
Steven Breen, BS in Biomedical Engineering 2017
Tony Martella, BS in Biomedical Engineering 2017
Jack Randall, BS in Biomedical Engineering 2017

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson Associate Professor, Department Chair 
Dr. Mary Beth Privitera, Faculty Advisor


Northwestern University
Third Prize

FluiSure is a non-invasive, wearable device that is capable of automatically measuring fluid gains in
End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients. FluiSure’s technology will empower them to take control of their
chronic condition and to stay out of the hospital.

Team Members:
Andrew Cabodi
Joe Caffarini
Brett Josephson

Dr. Gloria Kim, Faculty Advisor
Dr. Eric Perreault, Department Chair


University of Michigan
Honorable Mention

iSurgery incorporates near field lighting, peripheral lighting, and a working forceps into a single instrument to increase surgical efficiency and improve outcomes.

Team Members:
Brian Downey, MSE Biomedical Engineering 2017
Andrew Hartman, MSE Biomedical Engineering 2017
Richard Nakkula, MSE Biomedical Engineering 2017
Thai-Son Nguyen, MSE Biomedical Engineering 2017
Jordan Sykes, MSE Biomedical Engineering 2017

Dr. Jan Stegemann, Faculty Advisor
Dr. Lonnie Shea, Department Chair

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