E-Team Testimonials


“The Early-Stage Innovator Training Program truly showed us the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of growing an idea from the lab into a real product. The program was more powerful than just assessing market potential or better understanding customers, it taught us how to think and cultivate our work as individuals into high-impact results. The teaching team, cohort fellows, and curriculum uniquely brought us together with a strong path forward, getting us one step closer to realizing our vision for AeroShield!”

 —Elise Strobach, Aeroshield
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


“Our journey of stepping out of the laboratory began with the Pioneer workshop. They challenged us to question the value that we bring to the customer. Through this questioning, we realized that we needed to do significant customer discovery research to build a viable business model. We now have a different beachhead market than when we started the pioneer program. We went from developing a slaughter-free beef Jerky to a variety of slaughter-free beef cuts, like tenderloin, to be sold in restaurants.”

—Jordan Jones, Leef Jerky
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


“During this program, we identified our most valuable market and substantially improved our business canvas. Moreover, VentureWell staff helped us to identify many potential pitfalls for early entrepreneurs. We have since identified target customers who could offer us the first sale.”

—Rui Le, One Peanut
University of Georgia


“VentureWell has offered a unique experience that included mentorship, not only from their experienced team, but also from other founders who face similar challenges. The constructive environment made it easy to learn quickly and give/take honest feedback. After going through several startup programs, VentureWell stands out. We gained more insight about our company during the three-day Pioneer workshop than we gained in weeks with other programs.”

—Adam Stager, TRIC Robotics
University of Delaware


“Participating in the E-Teams programs empowered us to pursue our venture as students. The non-dilutive funding we received as well as the collaboration with other teams and programming by VentureWell were instrumental in starting our business and taking our product to the next level. We are so grateful to the entire VentureWell team and were lucky to have the E-teams programs to catalyze the start of our entrepreneurial journey.

The program uniquely addressed the regulatory and manufacturing hurdles that our product entails in a way that is often overlooked. We addressed IP, value chains, medical device regulation, fundraising, and many other topics collaboratively and constructively. I would recommend applying to the E-teams program to any student entrepreneur!”

      —Greta Meyer, Sequel
      Stanford University

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