fall 2016 aspire cleantech cohort

The Fall 2016 VentureWell ASPIRE program was held at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) in California.

The program gathered ten science and engineering-based startups in the cleantech sector from around the world that are actively raising capital, have initial validation of product-market fit, and have tested business model hypotheses.

ADC Energy
DC microgrid lighting system based on DC ‘piggybacked’ onto AC flow with zero conversion.

BK Litec
A fundamentally new approach to lighting & connected devices. Our technology unlocks form factor freedom and opens up exciting possibilities to proliferate IoT.

Higea uses magnetic technology to separate oil and water waste streams.

Fluency Lighting Technologies, Inc.
Provides next-generation bright and narrow beam light sources for highly efficient and flexible design illumination.

Hazel Technologies, LLC
Our products increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Keewi provides commercial building owners and occupants real time energy insights.

MegaMatter, Inc.
Non-toxic flame retardants for plastics and foams, replacing banned, toxic versions.

Rain Systems
Rain Systems’ patented technology injects a cross-link polymer into the root zone of existing turf, reducing irrigation requirements by 50%.

RealGreen Power, Inc.
Modular toilet systems for remote locations that treat and reuse recycled water.

Wavve Stream, Inc.
WAVVE produces a cost effective and biodegradable gel via shrimp shells, for the efficient removal of heavy metals and harmful chemicals in water.

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