june 2017 aspire life sciences cohort

June 2017 Cohort

The June 2017 VentureWell ASPIRE workshop was held at TechTown Detroit. TechTown is Detroit’s most established business accelerator and incubator, offering a full suite of entrepreneurial services for both tech and neighborhood enterprises.

The program gathered 11 science and engineering-based startups in the healthcare sector from around the world that are actively raising capital, have initial validation of product-market fit, and have tested business model hypotheses.

Meet the June 2017 Life Sciences cohort below:

AIMTech is bringing a low-cost, low-tech ventilation device called NeoVent to thousands of infants in low-middle income countries.

AvidCor is a cardiac monitoring device capable of measuring EKG (heart rate and rhythm), pulse oximetry, and skin temperature.

D&P BioInnovations
D&P BioInnovations provides an implantable, bioresorbable medical device to regenerate a damaged esophagus.

editekk provides surface technology for biomedical spine implant manufacturers that increases bone fixation by a factor of 3, preventing biofilm formation and implant failure.

Embryyo is a medical technology R&D company specializing in clinical need finding, inventing and commercial validation of novel medical devices.

GreenMark has a dental diagnostic technology that can find pre-cavities earlier and enable targeted treatment delivery.

Melius Outcomes
Melius Outcomes is an end-to-end software and services solution to improve the quality / safety of health care.

Nanochon is developing a 3D printed implantable medical device for cartilage repair in the knee.

NucleoBio is revolutionizing prostate screening ending prostate biopsies while creating companion prostate cancer therapeutics.

Soft Lesion Analytics
Soft Lesion Analytics is automating the point-of-care biopsy assessment process to streamline clinical diagnostics.

TheraB Medical
TheraB Medical is a startup launching SnugLit—a wearable, portable solution to infant jaundice that promotes maternal-infant bonding and breastfeeding.

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