Developing Your Assessment Strategy: Objectives, metrics and collection procedures

We will discuss strategies to conduct assessment of I&E at institutions of higher education. The content is built under the premise that to create impact and continually improve, IHEs must evaluate if the institutionalized initiatives are in fact producing the expected results. Assessment is a systematic process of establishing measurable objectives, identifying indicators, and collecting and analyzing information. In this session, four Pathways in Innovation institutions with goals of fostering I&E mindsets and commercialization will share their assessment strategies using specific examples (initiatives) with different scopes: macro level (assessing a complete I&E program) to micro level (assessing a specific initiative or set of skills). The underlying purpose of the session is to demonstrate that there are several approaches to conduct I&E assessment and it can be performed by anyone. This will enrich the field by providing evidence of initiatives that generate impact as proven by assessment results.


Alizabeth Sanchez Lopez, Universidad del Turabo
Mari Luz Zapata, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
Rodney Boehm, Texas A & M University
Tori Rhoulac Smith, Howard University
Patricia Sullivan, New Mexico State University

Track: Assessment

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