Insights from the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurial Mentoring Research Project

This panel presentation will present results from the Kauffman Foundation’s Entrepreneurial Mentoring Research Project (KFEMRP). To date, 25 universities, including I-Corps programs, and Techstars and other private accelerator programs are participating. The goal of this research project is to conduct a large-scale, survey-based study to discover what helps entrepreneurial mentoring programs thrive. The study provides university and non-university programs (e.g., private accelerator programs) with insight on program design, operations and training strategies and practices considered best by type of program (e.g., a competition, class or incubator/accelerator).

The panelists, Co-Principal Investigators for the project from the University of Michigan and Enterprise Futures Network and a panelist working with the NSF I-Corps program, will discuss insights for the NSF’s ecosystem.


Thomas Jensen, Enterprise Futures Network
David Brophy, University of Michigan
Chinonye “Chi-Chi” Nnakwe, National Science Foundation
Melanie Milovac, Washington University in St. Louis

Track: Assessment

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