Introduction to MEDIC: Medical Innovators Collaborative

The Medical Innovators Collaborative (MEDIC) will present an interactive session focused on bridging the valley of death in medical device product development. The valley death refers to the divide between the first prototype and the market-ready prototype that entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors and industry investors need in order to build a business. Through university programs like senior design or graduate design courses, MEDIC founders have seen the valley of death prematurely halt the development of promising products. MEDIC will bridge this gap by organizing student intern teams whose focus will be to develop innovative ideas into groundbreaking products. MEDIC is proposing to do this by leveraging collaborations within the medical device product development community. We are an open and collaborative space bringing together innovators and entrepreneurs including academics, caregivers, industry professionals, students, and veterans.


Tim Martin, MEDIC

Track: Topics in I&E

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