OPEN Mini: Innovator Experience

$0-To-$35 Million in 5 Years: How Undergrads Founded the 5th Most Active Accelerator in North America
Shelly Brenckman, Texas A&M University
Join Startup Aggieland’s co-founder and manager of the student-led accelerator and dormcubator in an interactive discussion with student startup founders whose successes helped fund and propel the program into Top 5 rankings.

Solving the Right Problem vs. Solving the Problem Right: Strategies for Student Immersion in Problem Context
Rachel Dzombak, University of California-Berkeley
Sophi Martin, University of California-Berkeley
We will explore methods and tools to immerse students in a problem context, particularly when working on geographically remote challenges. Participants will discuss how systems mapping, virtual immersion, and other strategies help holistically framing problems.

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship: From Zero to 500 in Two Years
Neil Kane, Michigan State University
Paul Jaques, Michigan State University
Ken Szymusiak, Michigan State University
In four academic semesters, our newly launched undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship and innovation rose to over 500 enrolled students. This session will talk about our vision, closely-held beliefs, and how we got there.

The Purposeful Pivot: How to Connect Student Shared Values to Company Value
Jen van der Meer, The New School
Student teams often struggle to choose between options and agree on which path to pursue. By orienting teams to a discussion of shared values, teams find better clarity as they make their next pivot purposeful.


Shelly Brenckman, Texas A&M University
Rachel Dzombak, University of California-Berkeley
Sophi Martin, University of California-Berkeley
Neil Kane, Michigan State University
Paul Jaques, Michigan State University
Ken Szymusiak, Michigan State University
Jen van der Meer, The New School

Moderator: Levi Lowe, Wichita State University

Track: Innovator Experience