From Project to Lab to Startup: Engaging universities with UNICEF to design innovative technologies for entrepreneurial implementation in the field

Several universities have been collaborating with UNICEF to help students go from project to lab to startup, particularly in international settings. Each of the universities in this session are at different stages on this journey. This session will describe how each of the universities has developed design and entrepreneurship courses/experiences for developing innovative technologies and startup businesses to meet the needs of children in international settings. In this panel, the universities will describe their collaborative approaches with UNICEF and describe examples of technologies and student startup companies that have come out of these collaborations. Curricular implementation of the programs and how the universities have collaborated with UNICEF will be presented along with examples of student successes and failures.


Pritpal Singh, Villanova University
Christopher Fabian, UNICEF
Benedetta Piantella Simeonidis, New York University
Sunita Grote, UNICEF

Track: Global

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