september 2017 aspire cleantech cohort

The September 2017 VentureWell ASPIRE workshop will be held at NextEnergy in Detroit. NextEnergy is an innovation center accelerating energy, mobility and built environment technologies to enable smarter and more sustainable cities.

The program gathers ten science and engineering-based startups in the cleantech sector from around the world that are actively raising capital, have initial validation of product-market fit, and have tested business model hypotheses. In addition, mentors from across the country representing angel, VC, corporate, and legal perspectives will join for the week-long program to help the startups leave with clear next steps to secure investments and strategic partnerships.

Meet the September 2017 Cleantech cohort below:

Afthon aims to develop and deploy grid scale syngas turbine power generators with novel pressure gain combustors for coal-fueled integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants.

TrashBot™ is a smart waste bin that combines next-generation robotics, computer vision and machine learning technology to separate recyclables away from landfill waste with high accuracy.

ClearFlame Engines
This team modifies Diesel engines to utilize alternative fuels, to improve engine performance and drastically reduce emissions, while reducing fuel and capital costs for the user.

DTE Materials
DTE Materials manufactures a hemp cellulose-based, high performance, nontoxic and sustainable building insulation material through its patent-pending closed-loop chemical treatment.

FLUID – The Learning Water Meter
FLUID is a learning water meter that helps consumers detect leaks, conserve water, save money and better understand their water use.

Rambuta LLC
Rambuta sells information gathered using camera and sensor systems to hop farmers for early and accurate detection of mite and mold infestation.

RWEDI Solutions, Inc
RWEDI Solutions, Inc. is a cleantech startup commercializing the Argonne National Laboratory patented RWEDI Water pretreatment system to reduce operating costs by 20% at institutional sized cooling towers by allowing the system to have a 15% lower water costs, 55% lower sewer costs, and 40% lower chemical costs.

Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc.
Sensatek sells a Blade Health Check comprised of ceramic sensors and antenna to advanced instrumentation engineers of gas turbine manufacturers, like Siemens, that want to reduce complexity in engine rig tests by eliminating 3 to 6 months in time from routing cables and increase the frequency of engine tests.

Switched Source
Switched Source is a Michigan-based power electronics company that is commercializing a novel smart grid technology to improve the reliability, resiliency, and efficiency of the electric distribution system.

Terra Ferma
Terra Ferma has taken their experience in predictive analytics and alternative energy microgrids to build a software as a service system specifically designed to cut utility expenses for commercial and industrial facilities.

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