The Fundamentals of Building a STEM Startup


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VentureWell developed a program to help student innovators learn the fundamentals of building a STEM startup at their own pace.

Explore entrepreneurship topics like competitive analysis, market validation, customer discovery, and so much more.

Access Units

1. Customer Discovery (15 videos)

Embark on a journey of understanding customer discovery with this video series. Gain insights into identifying and validating customer needs to drive your startup’s success. Learn how to:

  • Conduct effective customer interviews
  • Validate startup ideas through customer feedback
  • Refine products based on market demand

2. Value Chains (9 videos)

Delve into the intricacies of value chains through this video series. Learn how to optimize your business processes and create value for your customers effectively. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Map out your value chain to enhance efficiency
  • Identify key value-adding activities in your business
  • Streamline operations to deliver maximum value to customers

3. Value Propositions (11 videos)

Uncover the art of crafting compelling value propositions in this video series. Discover how to communicate your unique value to attract and retain customers.

4. Market Validation (9 videos)

Learn how to assess market demand and refine your product-market fit for sustainable growth.

5. Competitive Analysis (12 videos)

Equip yourself with tools to evaluate competitors and position your startup strategically in the market.

6. Intellectual Property (9 videos)

Learn how to protect your innovations and leverage IP assets for business growth.

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