bmestart winners 2015

NeoVentNeoVent Device

Western Michigan University
2015 BMEStart First place winners, winning $10,000

The device offers a cheaper way to provide respiratory support to infants in emerging markets. This team has also just been accepted into Stage 2 of VentureWell’s E-Team Program.
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OstoCareOstocare Device

Columbia University
2015 BMEStart Second place winner, winning $5,000

A novel ostomy bag solution with capability to seal and introduce a valve.
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Spasticity Quantification DeviceSpasticity Quantification Device

Washington University in St. Louis
2015 BMEStart Third place winner, winning $2,500

A diagnostic tool to quantify spasticity in a clinical setting in order to optimize treatment.
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Honorable mentions for excellence in design:

  • SpiroSense — a portable spirometer/device to assess pulmonary function, Johns Hopkins University

  • Physao — a portable device, linked to a smartphone application, for the management of chronic lung conditions, Duke University

  • Conventus — a tool that allows surgeons to combine any 2 drill guides, Clemson University

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