faculty grants

integrating sustainability principles and frameworks in STEM innovation and entrepreneurship

Are you a faculty or staff member committed to integrating principles, practices, and methodologies of environmental responsibility into your I & E curriculum? Apply now for a Sustainable Design Faculty Grant of up to $30,000 to develop new—or strengthen existing—courses and programs that incorporate key concepts of sustainability and environmental responsibility with the end goal of developing novel inventions and technologies.

Special consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate clear support for student innovations that are dedicated to climate change solutions, as well as innovations to existing products or systems that address an opportunity to become carbon neutral or net zero energy.

Examples of sustainability principles and frameworks include:

● Systems thinking
● Life cycle analysis
● Green chemistry, materials, or manufacturing
● Circular economy
● Biomimicry

Proposals that focus on curricular development to support innovation and entrepreneurship in topical areas critical to climate change adaptation or mitigation such as reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, pollution, and deforestation, and management of waste, ocean health, transportation, and urbanism are highly encouraged.

Grantees are required to attend our Green Launchpad Educators Workshop in Fall 2020, as well as participate in monthly webinars as part of the development of a Sustainable Design Community of Practice.

We are currently accepting proposals ONLY for sustainable design or sustainable technology at this time; we will be accepting proposals on other topics in the Fall.

For questions please contact: grants@venturewell.org 

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