Faculty Grants

Next deadline: November 8, 2017

get funding to pioneer new ways to engage students in STEM innovation and entrepreneurship

Our goal at VentureWell is to support an emerging generation of inventors and the ecosystems critical to their success. Faculty Grants are a key means of achieving that goal: we fund faculty to create new (or modify existing) courses and programs in which students develop inventive, STEM-based ideas and gain the entrepreneurial skills they need to bring them to market.  

Specifically, Faculty Grants:

  • Offer up to $30,000 to help faculty develop curricula that lead to the formation of student teams working to bring inventions to market.
  • Help students learn by doing—gaining the entrepreneurial skills they need by actually forming a team and trying to make both the technology and the business work.


In the past five years, Faculty Grants have resulted in:

  • 220 new or updated courses
  • 94 new or updated programs
  • Over 18,000 students taught
  • 824 faculty engaged
  • 1,320 student teams

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