march 2017 aspire open cohort


The March 2017 VentureWell ASPIRE workshop was held during VentureWell’s annual conference, OPEN, in Washington, D.C.

The program gathered 10 science and engineering-based startups from around the country that are actively raising capital, have initial validation of product-market fit, and have tested business model hypotheses. They worked to develop their cases for investment with support from mentors across VentureWell’s network, including many members of the Board of Directors.

Acoustic Shield
Acoustic Shield creates and builds acoustic sensors, currently focused on the gunshot detection market.

Advanced Bone Technology
Advanced Bone Technology, Inc. creates solutions for orthopedic and dental R&D, education, and practice including training devices, evaluation materials, and artificial bones.

AgroSpheres develops biotech solutions to degrade pesticides in order to make the harvesting process safer and more lucrative for farmers.

ARMR Systems
ARMR Systems builds life-saving medical devices to control traumatic hemorrhage for the military and emergency response.

Hedgemon developed a new component for helmet manufacturers to integrate into their current designs to help prevent further concussions within high-contact sports.

i4Spy is the SaaS cybersecurity solution that identifies, neutralizes, and protects against cyber-stalking and espionage applications.

MITO Material Solutions
MITO Material Solutions sells adhesive epoxy additives that allow manufacturers to double the durability or significantly decrease the weight of composite materials.

MoQuality provides an AI-based mobile test automation solution to help developers efficiently go to market faster with a much better quality app.

Treaty LLC
Treaty LLC developed a biodegradable anti-fog solution that can be coated on any surface to prevent fog, including glasses, goggles, helmet visors, bathroom mirrors, and car windshields.

Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel
Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel (VTA) develops wearable products that use vibration therapy to alleviate pain.

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